HAWAII –  I returned to Angeles City on 15 Nov and since then have had a bit of a medical problem that has weakened me again.  Since I got back many friends have been asking me how the trip was and I had to tell them not as good as I hoped.  Why you might ask?  Because on my second day there while eating lunch in our hotel room with my wife and son I had another seizure and passed out.  This one was a bit different as I was unconscious a lot longer and other episodes at home.  My son Jason had never seen one of these before and was very worried.  He called one of his Army friends to come to the hotel to help get me to the Post Clinic.  That is where I woke up with a reaction I never had before.  From there I was transferred by ambulance to Queens Medical Ctr ICU in Honolulu.  I was fully awake by now and was subjected to many tests for 24 hours.  The service in ICU was terrific, I was impressed as I have not been in a hospital in the States for many years and never in ICU.  The Doctor was great and wanted me to stay longer but I told her that I felt good and had to get out in time for my son’s 21st birthday which was the main reason I made the trip.  I make it to the dinner, success!  Regretfully I was too weak to get around much and never saw any sights in Hawaii except to a couple of restaurants..  I could not believe the splendor of the lobby of the Queens Med Ctr, it was like a 5 star hotel and the landscape out was very impressive.  Vina and I enjoyed quality time with our son and that was good enough for me.
We were happy to get back home, except for Vina who did not want to leave her son.  We arrived at Clark at 2400 hrs and got home a bit after 0100 hrs, went to bed and got up later in the morning.  That evening I was in my office and had another seizure.  The family is used to them now and when I woke up they helped me to our bed and that episode made me extremely weak and messed up my legs even more.  Naturally I told my wife I was not taking any more long plane rides.  The good news was the hospital and ambulance ride in Hawaii was covered by Medicare and Tri-Care, thank goodness.  Here in AC I can only use Tri-Care.  That my friends was my latest adventure and so glad I am still around.

I am late with this announcement and I hate to mention it as it pertains to a friend of mine who was a great man, husband and businessman.  I speak of Roger Forseth who passed away late Oct from a heart attack.  The details were sent by another very close friend:
“It is my sad duty to report that Roger died of a heart attack in Manila about 11am this morning.  He had a heart attack about 10 days ago while he was in the hospital in Angeles City.  He was released after a few days in ICU and an angiogram. They had the opening of the new location and then a few days later the doctors cleared him to fly home.  He was upbeat when he left for the airport this morning. Unfortunately, he had a severe heart attack just miles from the airport. The driver took him & Sofie to the airport to get the airport ambulance.  They took him to St Luke’s, the best hospital in the PI.  He was DOA, but they worked on him for almost an hour before they called it. We brought Sofie & Roger back to Angeles tonight.  If we can get the paperwork done here in the morning, he will be cremated tomorrow. And, then, IAW his wishes we will spread his ashes in the South China Sea in a few days.”
He will be missed by the many who knew him.

KONA BAR –  I have mentioned the Kona Bar and how nice it is.  What is new is I ran into Steve the previous owner of Night Moves and he indicated that he was getting tired of retired life and he was considering an offer from the owner of the Kona to come on board there.  He told me that he would let me know when or if he accepts the offer.  In my opinion he would be a positive addition to any business in the entertainment district.  Even with my bad legs I would try to see him there.

A STATISTICAL FACT –  39% of women in the Philippines watch Porn. It is the highest % in the world.  Now we know why so many of the ladies we run into in AC end up married to many foreigners, they are home schooled.

I have to add this one: A dog extracts more information from smelling a pile of shit than a human does watching CNN.  (That is not a political rant.  I thought it was funny.  For Democrats, you can change that to FOX news if you want to.

So sorry, I have to stop here as I have to head out to the farm tonight, stay overnight, and be present for out annual charity for low income families.  We have a 120 kids this year but my wife won’t let me be Santa anymore.  We have someone younger to help out.

Remember, be kind to horses.
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I have been remiss in taking so long to write and I figured I better do something before we head into the holiday season and I get distracted again.  I have been through a few medical adventures since I last communicated with you.  Before the medical stuff I must admit that I did get a get a bit lazy and got hung up on Netflix.  Man, that Netflix can be addictive but better than getting hung up on drugs.  I found myself passing out on 3 different times, fortunately I was sitting each time.  Then I was admitted to Medical City for 4 days with some sort of blood infection that really weakened me.  They pumped me full of antibiotics that not only cured the infection but helped the pain go away on the infected tooth I had.  When I got out of the hospital my feet were swollen up enough to make it tough to get my shoes on.  My wife found some nice slippers that I did not remember having and put them on. The next day I had a doctors appointment and I had 3 relatives ready to help me get down the stairs.  I was wearing those nice slippers which turned out to be quite slippery because as I took my first step down the stairs my foot slid right off the step and I fell straight down on my ass and that hurt so much that over a month later it still hurts.  The reason I did not fall down the stairs and really damage myself is because the 3 guys helping me acted quickly.

Now, this Sunday we will be heading to Hawaii to attend my son’s 21st birthday.  He is in the Army stationed at Schofield Barracks and regretfully may not get a few days leave due to being on a “Project”.  He has not taken leave for nearly 2 years and it sure will be disappointing if he can’t get one while we are there.  The Army works in strange ways.  We will be flying out of Clark on Korea Airlines’ inaugural flight as they just moved to Clark from Manila.  We will return on 15 Nov, just in time for Thanksgiving and also start preparing for out Charity projects.

That is my intro and bear with me if I have typos as I do not type as well as I used to.

Closed its doors earlier this month and I will miss the place.  I watched it being built as its first Manager, Owen Dolan stayed at our Hotel for the time it was under construction.  Owen was a legend in this town as he represented the old days and had a million tales where he remembered names of bars, their owners and customers.  He was a crusty Australian who liked a beer or two and was a popular manager for the Phoenix.  Unfortunately he was accosted by thieves in his house and was murdered.  Of course, this crime was never solved and the killers are probably still out there somewhere leading a life of crime.
Fortunately for the owner, he was lucky to find an equally popular, professional manager in Mike (Pig) Evans.  I had know Mike for years and was happy to see him on board at the Phoenix.  Regretfully, the owner of the Phoenix passed away last year and his wife made a feeble attempt to keep the place afloat, but she was not up to this task.  One thing led to another and now the place has been closed up.  Regretfully, I do not know what has happened to Mike and I would like to get in touch with him.
I hate to see this historical popular properties close or change hands.  The Swagman closed and is still not operational, Randy Rams, renamed Sunset Gardens closed and only recently has been opened as a hotel under the banner of “Red Doorz” but it is not close to what it used to be.
This is old news but the ownership of Bunny Burger changed more than a year ago and I hear that the present owner is also one of the 3 lads running the VFW canteen so the food offered there must be pretty good, check it out.
Another place that keeps changing owners but still retains the same name is “Moons Bar” in Diamond Subdivision.  I played darts there years ago and found it was a place that always had great friendly customers.  I think since then they have had 3 or 4 different owners and they always have a great friendly, enjoyable guys on their pool team.

I think the Philippine Government enjoys confusing its citizens and especially tourists.  For years the P5 and P1 coins were easy to tell apart but them some wise Gov’t official decided to have a new P5 coin minted that looks very similar to the P1 coin, so much so that it was easy to give a 5 peso coin when you only meant to give one peso.  After many complaints and anger officials finally realized they screwed up so now they announced they will mint a new P5 coin that definitely will be easy to identify.  Great news!  Ah, but maybe bad news too as they announced that they will replace the P20 note with a coin.  I am not happy with that for now the change in my pocked will weigh me down a lot more.  Of course all this will take a bit of time because the people and machines that print money will be moving to Clark in the near future.  This is the first of many Government offices that will transfer to Clark from Manila.


Hey, guess what?  My first “I would if I could” in a hell of a long time. Of course she can be found at Thi-Hi (one of these days I will remember the new name).  Her name is Avanna, 23 years old and a very personable lady.  She has worked only about one month going on two and speaks very good English.  She has a young 4 year old child living in the Province.  I did not use my camera as I bought a a cell phone that allows me to take pictures and transfer to my friend who knows how to load it to this column.  Maybe one day I will learn how to do it myself.  I should live so long.

Opens in California, in West Hollywood, of course.  The cafe has a filtration system that managers say will scrub out the smoke and ensure that no diners go home high for free (shit, that messed up my plan for a freebie sample).  This place is has backers the likes of Miley Cyrus, actor Chris Rock and comedian Sarah Silverman.  The “joint” ain’t small, hell, they can seat 240 potheads at a time and can order from a cannabis menu just like a wine list.  I bet my son has already driven from Arizona to California to check it out.  I doubt that we will never see anything like this in Angeles City because the cops still like to set up people for arrest on marijuana possession.  It supplements their income.  Hey, you have to google search this Cafe and see what a great layout it is.

Apologies on this one as I am way late.  I am still adding it because he was a friend and a very loyal VFW member.  Gerald (Jerry) Prinz (WO4) age 80, passed away 26 Sep at his residence in Angeles City.  He was cremated on 27 Sep and rendering of military honors was conducted on 3 Oct.  Every time I went to the VFW in the AM I could depend on seeing him sitting at the bar reading and having his coffee.  He was one of the old timers here and may he RIP.

Many months ago I wrote about the no smoking rules established by the President of the Philippines and enforcement thereof.  For bars it was hard to put into effect because it did have a negative affect.  But I kept hearing about bars that still allowed it and I wrote that I would like to know the names of any bars/clubs that might still allow smoking.  I had one reader of this column write in to say many Korean bars allow blatant smoking.  He said he witnessed this in Korean bars named Bad Boy, Soyu, and Ace,  This was a few months ago so maybe they are in compliance now with the election of the new Mayor.  James T., sorry it has taken me so long to pass on this info.  It is not fair to fellow bar owners if most comply and adapt to less business and a few are non-compliant.

The new Mayor hit the ground running.  Right away you can see street vendors being moved, sidewalk obstacles removed, traffic obstacles removed, etc… He urged bar owners to improve worker’s quarters and for sure that is much needed.

The SEA games will be held at New Clark City athletics Stadium.  The Manila and Clark Int’l Airport authorities have assured the readiness of the two International Gateways for the expected surge air passengers arrival.  The 12 day regional games begin on Nov 30th.  We can only hope all is prepared in time as they are really going all out on the construction site.  You better believe that the automobile traffic on and off the base will be a nightmare during the 12 days of the game.

Will it really happen?  For years we have been waiting for the train from Manila to Clark.  The PI and Asian Development Bank signed a $l.3 billion loan towards the building of the Malalos – Clark Railway Project (MCRP).  The Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA) with additional funding of $2 billion for the rolling stock and the railway systems. Once finished the MRCP is expected to cut travel time from Manila to Clark Int’l Airport to less than an hour.  It is projected to be partially operational in 2022
Partially?  Hell, what does that mean?  Maybe it will only be operational for 500 meters.  Partially could mean another 10 years to reach Clark or more.  I wonder how much money will disappear on this project.

POPEYES – KUYA J Group, one of the country’s (PI) fast rising food chain is investing P1.5 billion initially as it plans to build more than 100 Popeyes restaurants in three years.  There is already one located in Pasay City.

You will notice that I did not write any Political Rants though I have many.  As a Trump supporter and conservative you can guess my feelings.  I will wait and vote and hope for the best.  I am too old to do anything else.
Vina and I will be flying to Hawaii this Sunday to attend the 21st birthday of our son, Jason.  He is in the Army at Schofield Barracks. We had booked flights to Las Vegas and then on to Hawaii but after medical problems we figured it might be too hard on me.  On Sunday we will fly the inaugural Korean Airline flight out of Clark.  Before you had to go to Manila to fly Korean Air.  This will be the first time I have ever flown an inaugural flight on any airline.  We return to Clark on 15 Nov, in time to start work on our charities.
Will write again after we get back, meanwhile be kind to horses.

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Greetings to one and all.  I am so happy to still be around to be able to keep in touch with you.  Regretfully I had to say farewell to people I have known quite a while:

TAPS:  Carmello Lazatin, past AC Mayor, Congressman and current Balibago barangay Captain.  I knew his father, a great AC Mayor and then his son.  While I was secretary of ACTA I had the opportunity to work with Mayor Lazatin (the son) for a few years and grew to admire and respect him and enjoyed attending his birthday celebrations and he honored me with his presence at two of my celebrations as well.  Many will miss him, especially me.

Clive Pollington – Clive passed away from a heart attack recently and his sudden passing was a shock to his many friends.  Clive was a first class gentleman who at one time owned Roy’s Pub, a very popular location to eat lunch and also to gather early evening for enjoying various brews and quietly interact with each other in not too loud conversation.  It was especially popular with the English expats in town.  I was surprised to learn a few years back that quiet gentleman, in his younger years, participated in professional side-car motorcycle racing in England.  Clive was proud of those days and many were amazed that this quiet, gentle man was once involved in such an exciting, dangerous sport. Needless to say, he will be missed by many especially those he worked and socialized with at the Orchid group.

 John Holmes – The owner of the Phoenix Hotel.  I do not have much information as it happened very recently.  It really was sudden and happened on site.  I remember when this hotel was built and Owen Dolan helped with on-site supervision.  Owen was it first manager and he and John made a good team. Sadly Owen was murdered in a robbery attempt and John was left in need of a manager.  Fortunately he found the only only man who could fill Owen’s shoes and that is Mike Evans, (Only old timers know his nickname so I will omit it here).  The team of John and Mike continued until the sad day of John’s passing.  The question now is what will the relatives decide to do with the Phoenix Hotel and will Mike continue on for now?
I know as I grow older and reach my 34th year here I know if I continue on I will have to bid farewell to more expats that I have known and with each loss I will feel that gray cloud of sadness pass over me and remember their friendships, close and casual, and as time passes I will remember them until my memory fades or I join them myself.  It is so much sadder when they pass on in December, a month so close to another year.  Hard to deal with so much sadness and also celebrate the holiday season.

27 March 2019 – Oh boy, I am in trouble.  I started this before Christmas and now, so much later I pulled up my draft.  Instead of going downstairs to watch the girls playing pool I am sitting my ass down to write a few lines.  I just finished a Rotary meeting.  If I go downstairs, here is what will happen.  I will watch the game, it ends after 5 PM.  I then would go out for a walk with my walker because my wife insists it will help my legs (I agree with her but never admit it).  After the walk, return to the bar, sit at favorite at my table, turn on the TV and start watching Netflix and think about going upstairs to write this column.  Nope, I will stay watching Netflix, eat dinner, continue with Netflix, then my friend Tony will come in for a chat at 8:45, interrupt my TV viewing, have 2 beers, then leave for home at 9:50 PM at which time I get my helper to help me out of my chair, get me up the stairs into my office to take off my shoes and socks.  At this time I should go to bed but I am not tired, time to check my Emails, FB and messenger.  All to often I get distracted into watching clips of America has talent, Britain has Talent, Sweden has Talent, Ethiopia has talent, Norway has Talent, India has Talent and a few doses of X Factor.  At the same time I am answering messages, messenger, etc.  Suddenly it is 1 AM and I force myself to take a shower and go to bed.  Of course, then I read in bed until my eyes get tired, turn out the light, and doze off thinking that I should have worked on this column.   This is my daily schedule and I have not even discussed my morning routine which is not good either.  I also go to Rotary once a week, Physical Therapy twice a week and Envy Sports Bistro 2 times a week.  I am suffering from TVitis  and well, a bit of laziness.  The result is, that at 81 my only talent is being able to fall asleep anywhere at any time, in fact, I feel my eyes getting heavy as I type this and it is only 4:45 PM and I am fighting off the temptation to go down and watch the girls finish their last few games.

I think listing those friends that passed away so close to the end of the year depressed me but now I have to mention one friend who was the Captain of one of my pool teams and a good customer as well.  His name was Michael Keith Rowell, AKA “Whisky Mike” and his demise was an example of how far too many Expats reach their final days in Angeles City.  Mike enjoyed a few drinks of Black Label each day and over the years the consumption increased and eventually along came a few medical problems as well.  Mike was well liked and yes, he was a nice guy with many friends that did their best to look after him.  He sort of had a girlfriend that was not all that dependable and quite often he was on his own.  Mike was 69 when he suffered from a serious stroke that caused him to lose his mobility and he had to lay on a mattress placed on the floor of his living room apartment.  Local Expat friends were able to pay his hospital bill and try to help him as much as possible on a daily basis.  He was helpless and needed help to get to the bathroom, get cleaned up, fed and at times place him in a wheel chair to get him out to eat.  Even then he still lived up to his nickname and ate very little.  There is a close net group of Expats that did all they could for him and a few in particular reached out to help him in a way that was so commendable and this is not a rare experience here.  Regretfully Mike passed away  and even thought we knew such an ending was inevitable we wondered if this situation could have been avoided.

The problem is that many Expats that live here for any length of time, including me, have established our senior lives here and this is home.  We have homes, condo’s, apartments, wives, relatives, friends and a type of community that does not exist in the US, Britain, Australia, etc.  Only if you live here could you understand what this feeling is and why, even when sick, we do not want to leave, even when we know it is ridiculous not to to do so.  It is easy to fall into a trap of drinking too much because of the environment and the affordability of liquor and cigarettes.  Another problem is that many settle here without an adequate monthly income and medical care is not cheap.  A month or two after Mikes death a local bank notified officials that Mike had an account with them but after consultations with the bank it was discovered that the account did not have and funds in it.  Why do I dwell on this subject?  Please, if you plan to retire here prepare yourself.  Have the funds in the bank to cover you or have a DECENT retirement check coming in each month.  When I first came here in 1977 living here was really cheap, in 1985 when I moved here permanently it was still pretty reasonable, now, 2019 try to have at least a monthly income of $3000 or more, depending on what life style you want.  Life is good here and Angeles City is one exciting town to live in as it is changing month to month.  Visit first, more than once, than decide.

BAYPOINT HOSPITAL, SUBIC – I just received information that based on complaints against Baypoint by Senator Dick Gordon, Baypoint has been downgraded by Dept of Health to an infirmary.  That means they currently cannot do surgeries, admit you to ICU, or do in-depth testing at lab/heart center or radiology.  You can get emergency care to stabilize and they can and they can do CBC’s but that’s about it.
This information came from Jack Walker, director of the RAO office at Subic.  This affects the many military retirees living in the Subic area who now will have to use either Medical City and Gordon are Tri-Care and only Medical City is FMP.  That is the only information available now but I suspect more details will follow.

DAVE (VEGAS DAVE) HAMILTON – was moved from ICU last week and is now in room 307, Medical City, Clark.  I will try to visit him tomorrow to see how his recovery is going.  From what I hear Dave suffered a fall serious enough for hospital admittance, complications led to an extended stay in ICU.  He is recovering and is undergoing in-room physical therapy.

QUESTION FROM “DIGBY” – Hi Harry, how are you, have not seen any posts from your side which I always look forward to. Is ThiHi still going strong with the same girls I saw in December and what of the old Porkys (Finnegans).  Keep well, Digby
(Good to hear from you Digby.  Not to worry ThiHi is going strong and since Dec they have added a few ladies but loss some of those you saw in Dec.  The new owners have made additional improvements that are very pleasing.  It remains my go to bar as it has been for many years.  The addition of outside seating was a popular choice even though City Hall forced them to cut back on the frontage due to encroachment.  So far Hang-out and Honey Ko’s has been able to keep their extended frontage.  All three establishments remain popular which is great.
I  Finnegans Bar is still there with a great sign out front and enjoying a lot of business.

Look, it is getting a bit late now and I had two interruptions.  Mrs Horse had her home manicure by Pearlie and I piggy backed on that and of course another break for dinner.  We ordered take out from the Siam Thai restaurant right around the corner from our hotel.  Had enough to be able to enjoy leftovers tomorrow night.

I hope I can publish this as I have never saved to draft before.  I do plan to write more often, I miss doing it.  Tomorrow physical therapy and head over to Envy for the Footie.  I have a lot more words floating around my head but will try to sort those out tomorrow.  Oh wait.  I have to announce that our little Pension House has now come under the umbrella of RedDoorz which means if you want to book a room now please go on the internet and look for RedDoorz Philippines, Pampanga and we are listed as RedDoorz Tamarind.  It is all new to us but it seems to be increasing our occupancy.  We have still maintained our name but now our 10 rooms are controlled by RedDoorz.  They basically rent our ten rooms for a monthly flat fee (after a 2 month trial period).  Now you can prepay a room booking which we were not able to do before.  What takes getting used to is that the price changes daily and at times can become extremely cheap.  We had raised our rates to P1200 daily now, depending on occupancy you might get a room as low at P700.  We are hoping that our regular customers will use this system, it is easy and convenient.

Good night for now and please remember to be kind to horses.

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Regarding my comments on the terrible shape of the Walking Street road which I feel is “walk at your own risk” this comment from Mike M follows:  

“Two solutions to the potholes on Fields.
1. Take a front end scooper of a skip loader and scrape the whole things. Go back to the original concrete road.
2. Just asphalt over the existing road. It wouldn’t look as nice with a black top. But it would function great.
Nothing will be done until their is a new mayor. Mayor does not want to admit they screwed up.
I was laughing when they were doing the work. Saw them pour like half to one inch over the new work to smooth it out. I said to myself that will not last with beer trucks.”
SPORTS:  Dare I say I hope that the Red Sox whip up on the Dodgers.  Sorry, I am one of those very old New Yorkers who has never forgiven them for leaving New York.  I was hoping that the Yankees would be in the World Series but it was not to be.  My father was raised in Lawrence, Mass. so I keep the Boston Red Sox as my second favorite team.
MOBILE MOB (CARAVAN) – What  a shame that it exists.  It is an invasion and entry to US must be denied.
ANGELES CITY POLITICS – Even though Foreigners have no say in the local Angeles City elections the results of the upcoming Mayor race between 3 aspirants affect us all.  It will be an interesting event.  I have a favorite but naturally not mention who.  I will say that one aspirant to the job has in the past stated that if he was Mayor he would close the bars on Fields Ave.  I am curious if he still feels that way, I hope not.  I think, eventually, the face of Fields Ave will change but the make-over will be gradual.
Another drama taking place now is the tug of war between past barangay Captain Tony Mamac and newly elected Barangay Capt Carmelo Lazatin.  This is one of those unique Philippine disputes that crop up all too often.  It is an interesting subject to follow and hopefully the dispute will be short in nature.  This is another position that affects expat businessmen in Balibago and of course, local citizens even more.  As I have written before, life in Angeles City is never boring.  I love this City, it has grown so much since my first arrival in 1977 and future growth is a given.  It is unbelievable, google Clark New City and read about what is planned for that area.  The growth is not limited to Clark and Angeles City areas such as Porac, Mexico , San Fernando and Tarlac are growing as well.  So many new subdivisions are eating up so much acreage and expat retirees and buying homes further out from the hub of Angeles City.  The further out you go the less expensive the homes are and the road system allows you easy access to shopping and schools.  I would love to have ten more years of life so I could witness the wonders to come in that short of time.  Oh my goodness, if you are considering retirement here, don’t wait, do it now, be part of the Pampanga experience.  Hey, if you do, drop by and visit this old horse.  Remember, be kind to horses.
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Hi folks, I am hoping I am inserting the following information correctly.  I decided to try an share the items with you as the first one on PAL routes is interesting for tourists and those living here permanently.  The flights in and out of Clark continue to increase which is good but the only one I am interested in never happens:  Clark to Bangkok.  Sure you can go to Manila for that but it sure is inconvenient and hiring a car to get there can cost P2,500 to P3,000.Another way to get to and from the Airport is becoming very popular, catch the Genesis bus from Clark, the cost is only P350.  It is a beautiful bus with plenty of room for luggage and it is very comfortable.  Check it out.

MANILA – Philippine Airlines on Thursday said it was launching three new routes out of Clark airport at the end of the month, one of which flies to the booming tourist town of San Vicente, Palawan.

PAL Express president Bonifacio Sam said the company expects demand for the San Vicente route to pick up quickly, as it allows travelers to bypass Puerto Princesa en route to the resort town of El Nido.

“On December 18, we will increase the frequency of this flight to a daily flight,” said Sam.

PAL Express senior assistant vice president Harry Inoferio said the flight to San Vicente will be offered at a promotional rate of P819 one way. Flights begin on Oct. 28.

Another new route will be to San Jose, Occidental Mindoro which will be also launched on Oct. 28, and a third route will be to Cauayan, Isabela which starts Oct. 30.

Flights to these new destinations will start at P599 one-way.

Inoferio said PAL will also increase flight frequencies between Clark and Bacolod, Cagayan De Oro, Catarman, Cebu, Puerto Princesa, Basco, Busuanga, Cauayan, and Siargao.

Rabbi Ang, PAL Express assistant vice president, said flying out of Clark makes more sense for travelers on a budget.

“It’s actually better to fly out of Clark. Fares out of Clark are up to 40 percent lower than fares out of Manila,”

Sam said that with the new routes, PAL’s Clark operations will connect to 18 domestic and 1 international destination.

“That makes PAL the biggest operator of Clark,” Sam said.

Philippines is world’s second top globalization destination: index

Arianne Merez, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Oct 20 2018 12:05 PM

Business process outsourcing is an economic lifeline in the Philippines with over 1.15 million Filipinos working in the industry. File photo

MANILA – The Philippines is the second top globalization destination in the world this year, according to global strategic advisory firm Tholons.

The 2018 Services Globalization Index saw the Philippines rising to the second spot of the “Top 50 Digital Nations” after placing third last year.

India continues to dominate the list while Brazil follows the Philippines at third place.

Other countries in the top 10 are the United States, Mexico, Canada, Russia, Vietnam, Colombia, and South Africa.

“Most of the services will get commoditized for the biggest leaders in services globalization like US, UK, Canada, Europe, India, Philippines, East Europe, and Latin America,” the index report stated.

Business process outsourcing is an economic lifeline in the Philippines with over 1.15 million Filipinos working in the industry.

The industry, along with remittances from overseas workers, remains one of the top 2 earners of foreign exchange for the Philippines.


Six cities from the Philippines, meanwhile, made it to the “Top 100 Super Cities,” with Manila placing second to Bengaluru in India.

The Philippine capital, which ranked fourth in 2017, is followed by the Indian city of Mumbai, which ranked third.

The rest of the Philippine cities included in the list all saw an improvement in their respective rankings.

Close to the top 10 is Cebu City, which ranked 11th from 12th last year, while President Rodrigo Duterte’s hometown Davao City went 10 notches higher to the 75th spot from 85th last year.

Santa Rosa City in Laguna rose to the 87th spot from 100th last year while Bacolod City climbed to the 89th spot from 97th in 2017.

The Visayan city of Iloilo, meanwhile, is a newcomer to the list, landing at the 92nd spot.

The index evaluates and ranks countries and cities based on availability and quality of talent in the area, business catalyst or the level of industry-related activity and organizational support, cost of doing business, infrastructure, innovation, and risk and quality of life among others.

PLATINUM CLUB:  yesterday I attended the AC Businessmen’s Luncheon and had a very enjoyable afternoon.  It was the first time I had visited this Club on Perimeter road and found it to be a place that I hope to return to real soon.  I liked the management, staff and dancers and was reminded  at how much I miss being able to do some bar hopping.  I miss meeting the owners, managers and yes, the Mamasans as well.  The food was provided by the VFW, soup, ribs, mash potatoes and green beans.  Loved the ribs and ended up pleasantly full.


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Cactus Jacks Restaurant – Finally I got around to eating at this establishment after waiting to do so for a few months.  It was worth the wait as I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  It opens at 1200 hrs, closes at 2400 hrs.  Location:  Savers Mart building on MacArthur Hi-Way, Balibago.  Parking in the back.  OK, got those details out of the way.  My wife’s family members treated her for her birthday and naturally I went along as I did not have to pay.  What a treat it was and for sure we will go there again, even if I have to pay.  Food, super and a large varied selection.  We chose the monster board which is good for multiple people to share.  It allows for two appetizers, two meats from the menu plus a bunch of other condiments, sauces, etc.  The cost as listed on the menu.  Separately I ordered the USDA Angus Rib Eye 400 grams with bone (P1,419) and boneless chicken wings.  I am going to try and get some pictures in here, if not, well, check out the place, you won’t be disappointed.  Oh here is a tip for the older guys they offer fresh oysters in the shell, 6 for P345 and 12 for P630; yeah, I know, a box of the blue pills are cheaper and I think the oyster thing is a myth anyway.
For songbirds Singer Queen Halili is on board to serenade you and also invite you to sing some songs of your choice.  Queen Halili is a relative of deceased popular past Mayor of Mabalacat, Fred Halili, a man I was honored to know personally.
The decor of Cactus Jacks if a mix of western and Mexican.  The menu reflects the decor and there is something for everyone.

Chilli’s at SM Clark – I ate lunch there again yesterday and again, I am telling one and all, if you have not visited the place yet, get your butts over there ASAP.  It is FANTASTIC!  If you can’t get there just get in touch with me and I will drive you there, it will only cost you a meal for me.  I know, I am too kind.

BAR NEWS:  Finnegans, previously Porky’s may be closing soon due to lack of business.  Ice Bar has 2 new owners who have made a few interior changes and doubled the female staff thereby experiencing a big increase in business.  It is very popular now, so much so, that I will have to try and get there on my own.  So far, word of mouth has reached me about its new popularity.

FIELDS AVE WALKING STREET –  Sure, “walking street” – Hey, Mr. Mayor, it is one of the worse streets to walk on in Angeles City!  I do not know how much was spent to try to fix it with some fancy stone work a couple years ago but someone must have stole the money.  It is terrible, full of holes, easy to trip and fall and it looks like hell.  I tried to visit there using my walker not too long ago and it was very frustrating and dangerous.  I made it as far as Kokomo’s and gave up.  I went around to Real Street and from there back to Fields Ave.  This street needs a complete make-over so it becomes a true “walking street”.  Right now I think it is an embarrassment to City Hall.

 SMOKING BAN – Hey, how is that working out?  It would be nice if it was enforced equally.  I have had reports of some bars allowing smoking while those who follow the law suffer loss of customers and money.  Anyone who encounters a bar allowing in-door smoking and is upset,  just send me the name of the establishment and I will not hesitate to post the info here.

PARKING FEES – Suddenly, the City Government is imposing parking fees in certain areas of the City.  I do not have the list of the areas but I do know of the location on Fields Ave from Phillie’s on down and also around Angeles University especially in the street behind the the school.  It would be nice to have these areas posted publicly.  Maybe this money will be used to repair the walking street (smile).

Please note that I did post something in “Political Rants”.  I have been restraining myself  on my political thoughts and social events in the US but I am starting to lose control.  There is far too much hatred in the US now and a note to late night talk show hosts, you all do not come close to the quality of Johnny Carson.

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HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN – For me and many other old loyal customers of the Thi-Hi.  Many of you know that this was my favorite bar to go to since the day it opened.  The owner, Deery, from Las Vegas, NV was a bit of a character that everyone enjoyed talking and teasing.  He ran a bar with no dancing girls but his waitresses were super friendly and wore sexy attire.  The music was never loud and featured sounds from the 50’s to the present.  Sadly Derry left us for the local cemetery and his long time manager, Josie kept the place going.  Regretfully, over the years through mis-management and lack of funds the place ended up close to bankruptcy.  Different people tried to help her as no one wanted to see the placed closed or taken over by Koreans.
A few months ago I reported that two friends of mine were looking into buying the place.  One, American, Bill, and the other Conrad, a true Hawaiian who visits here frequently.  Like me, they did not want to see the place close or change hands.  I am happy to say that only a couple of weeks ago, they made Josie an offer she could not refuse and two great guys who want Thi-Hi to return to the days of old.  I visited it last Wed and was so happy to learn that Bill is on board and is slowly making changes.  New ladies have been hired and for the first time in months, the staff are being paid on a regular basis.  Changes are gradually being implemented starting with cleaning up the place and initiating a no shorts policy. The staff will be back in skirts and dresses with friendliness a priority.  The new name is THI-HI 2 OHANA LOUNGE.   The “OHANA” in Hawaii means “family” and folks, that is the theme, to welcome back all the customers who for so long belonged to the Thi-Hi family.  As I wrote at the beginning, “happy days are here again”.  hope to see you there soon.


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Ian (Tommo) Thomas

Sadly, the legendary Tommo passed away at the Medical City Clark ICU unit this morning from a heart attack.  A few weeks ago Tommo fell from the top deck of his boat and suffered multiple breaks to his body.  He had been at Medical City ICU for a while and it was hoped that he would be able to recover in due time.  He put up a good fight because he was always strong and determined to enjoy life to its fullest.  The injuries were just too much for his heart   Whether you liked him or not, he was a fair man and could be a great friend but he could be difficult as well.  His great love was his boat and his last memory would have been that last fateful day on that boat.  He will be missed by many.  His body now lies at Olongapo Memorial Chapel.

JOSIE-HI – This favorite bar of mine has been sold and will soon be under new management.  I do not know the details but I am glad that the sale has gone through as, financially, it was close to having to close due to lack of funds.  Many customers, including myself, are happy to see it given new life.  I think old Deery is smiling from his resting place in the Clark cemetery.

All for now –  I want to thank the many new subscribers to this blog.  Many of you were with me as Harry the Horse and I always enjoyed hearing from you and loved it when you visited me at “The Stable”.  I am still available to greet you and if not here, then you might find me at Envy Sports Bistro and Suites just before the walking street entrance.  I want to thank Ray, a visitor from Germany who was a long time reader of my old column and now the new one.  I had not seen him for a few years and it was fun to catch up with his adventures.

Hey, my son Jason is now stationed at Schofield Barracks, Oahu, Hawaii.  He will be 20 years old on 31 Oct and Mrs Horse will fly there to celebrate with “her baby”.  What is it with Moms, , you could be 30 years old, married and still be her “baby”.  I will not go with her, too difficult for me to get around.  Next year I will go to Las Vegas for a couple of weeks for medical check-ups and then on to Hawaii to celebrate his 21st with him.  I will look forward to that.

Remember, be kind to horses.

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The Philippine Air Force high command for some reason is pissing on US military retirees seeking Space-A travel out of Clark.  I have refrained from writing about this when it first started but now, after their latest directive making it nearly impossible to use Space-A. I figured it is best to pass on the latest policy. My advice for anyone coming to Angeles City with hope of traveling out of here via Space-A -FORGET ABOUT IT!

Good Afternoon,. Resending the schedule in hopes that you are able to open the attachment. The DoD has implemented strict measures on sending attachments outside DoD Channels. Therefore, I may have to use alternate means to get the future schedules properly distributed.

On another note, JUSMAG/U.S. Embassy just advised us this morning that effective immediately the Philippine Air Force has implemented another change to the base access policy. Due to an overwhelming number of Space-A passengers submitting requests for base access. They are requiring JUSMAG/U.S. Embassy endorsement letters to accompany all requests. JUSMAG/U.S. Embassy cannot currently support the new policy and therefore has requested to cease all Space-A base access requests until further notice. Passengers who have already submitted and received an approval are good to go. However, No new requests are permitted until a resolution can be done. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

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Hi folks, just about time for me to head for bed but decided to chat a bit with my friends first.  I always get excited when I learn that a new eatery is opening close to my Stable so I do not have to travel far to sample the goods.  I especially like it when people I know and respect are involved.  I received the following Email (yes, I still use Email, not just FB and Messenger).

This is Detroit Al (Al Konkolesky).  How have you been?  I’ve been busy at RBI Steakhouse (A great place well worth visiting)  Right now we are getting the new Sandwich Shop & Deli up and running and hope to have it open by early next month. It will be in the old Frontera Restaurant, and I will be running it.  The name will be Blanchette’s American Style Deli and Bakery.  We will be serving breakfast and lunch, along with a deli case and dessert counter.  We will have a bakery in the back and will be making American style desserts and breads.

HT H – Detroit Al is a good friend of mine who helped me put my HTH column on line each month.  He also worked at the Wild Orchid for a bit of time before going over  to the RBI Steakhouse located at the Queens Hotel.  He is well known and a good guy to know, for sure he will be a great asset at Blanchette’s.  When I get a specific date for the opening I will let you know.  Oh, forgot, where is it located – not far from me, along Perimeter Road just near the Clark middle gate.

This afternoon I was sitting at my favorite outdoor seat at Envy meeting new people and old friends when a reader of my old column, from Las Vegas, Dieter saw me and greeted me.  He had not been in Angeles City for five years and was amazed at the changes.  He had just been to Smile Makeover for treatment by Dr. Irene who he booked because of my recommendation here.  He even had his daughter treated as well.  The real reason I am mentioning this is because he married a young lady that he met at my Stable who was there with a couple visiting for lunch.  He was in love with her at first sight, she reciprocated, they married, now have 3 children and live happily in Las Vegas.  I thought it was a nice story and so sorry I did not have my camera with me.   I can find my tourist of the month again, and maybe, just maybe, a “I would if I could”.Needless to say, from now on I will return to my old ways of having my camera, pen and notepad with me at all times, especially when sitting outside of Envy.  My one good eye affirms that it is a great place to watch, and maybe meet some attractive ladies, in passing.  (Priscilla, I only WATCH).

Really late now.  Time for bed, but wait, just two more comments.  Will England win this Wednesday at the World Cup and progress?  Will Pacquio win his fight?  Ok, yes, those were questions, not comments.  Any predictions?  Goodnight again!




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