NFL Sponsor ?

I happen to be one of those Veterans that takes strong objection to these NFL characters who wish to disrespect the flag and I did not hesitate to call the listed 800 number to voice my opinion.  I love those Anheiser Busch ads but why add money to help pay protesters.  Let the owners add more of their own money.

Anheiser Busch is taking calls about whether it should pull their sponsorship of NFL football. They are upset about the way certain NFL players and teams want to show their lack of respect for our National Anthem, our Flag, and our Country. Anheiser Busch employs 1100 veterans who are also being disrespected along with all other veterans living and dead. These NFL players are uniformed, paid employees of the owners teams and have no right to publicly express their personal political opinions on company time. They can do whatever they want on their own time.

You know how big a sponsor Budweiser is. Their decision, based on this public opinion, could make a tremendous impact on what the NFL does.

I just called Budweiser’s special number 1-800-342-5283 and when they answered touched option 1 and gave my opinion and it all took less than a minute. Whether or not you vote, please rush this email on to all patriotic Americans and sports fans. Thank you.  (Sent to me by Tom Schlesinger)

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