HAWAII –  I returned to Angeles City on 15 Nov and since then have had a bit of a medical problem that has weakened me again.  Since I got back many friends have been asking me how the trip was and I had to tell them not as good as I hoped.  Why you might ask?  Because on my second day there while eating lunch in our hotel room with my wife and son I had another seizure and passed out.  This one was a bit different as I was unconscious a lot longer and other episodes at home.  My son Jason had never seen one of these before and was very worried.  He called one of his Army friends to come to the hotel to help get me to the Post Clinic.  That is where I woke up with a reaction I never had before.  From there I was transferred by ambulance to Queens Medical Ctr ICU in Honolulu.  I was fully awake by now and was subjected to many tests for 24 hours.  The service in ICU was terrific, I was impressed as I have not been in a hospital in the States for many years and never in ICU.  The Doctor was great and wanted me to stay longer but I told her that I felt good and had to get out in time for my son’s 21st birthday which was the main reason I made the trip.  I make it to the dinner, success!  Regretfully I was too weak to get around much and never saw any sights in Hawaii except to a couple of restaurants..  I could not believe the splendor of the lobby of the Queens Med Ctr, it was like a 5 star hotel and the landscape out was very impressive.  Vina and I enjoyed quality time with our son and that was good enough for me.
We were happy to get back home, except for Vina who did not want to leave her son.  We arrived at Clark at 2400 hrs and got home a bit after 0100 hrs, went to bed and got up later in the morning.  That evening I was in my office and had another seizure.  The family is used to them now and when I woke up they helped me to our bed and that episode made me extremely weak and messed up my legs even more.  Naturally I told my wife I was not taking any more long plane rides.  The good news was the hospital and ambulance ride in Hawaii was covered by Medicare and Tri-Care, thank goodness.  Here in AC I can only use Tri-Care.  That my friends was my latest adventure and so glad I am still around.

I am late with this announcement and I hate to mention it as it pertains to a friend of mine who was a great man, husband and businessman.  I speak of Roger Forseth who passed away late Oct from a heart attack.  The details were sent by another very close friend:
“It is my sad duty to report that Roger died of a heart attack in Manila about 11am this morning.  He had a heart attack about 10 days ago while he was in the hospital in Angeles City.  He was released after a few days in ICU and an angiogram. They had the opening of the new location and then a few days later the doctors cleared him to fly home.  He was upbeat when he left for the airport this morning. Unfortunately, he had a severe heart attack just miles from the airport. The driver took him & Sofie to the airport to get the airport ambulance.  They took him to St Luke’s, the best hospital in the PI.  He was DOA, but they worked on him for almost an hour before they called it. We brought Sofie & Roger back to Angeles tonight.  If we can get the paperwork done here in the morning, he will be cremated tomorrow. And, then, IAW his wishes we will spread his ashes in the South China Sea in a few days.”
He will be missed by the many who knew him.

KONA BAR –  I have mentioned the Kona Bar and how nice it is.  What is new is I ran into Steve the previous owner of Night Moves and he indicated that he was getting tired of retired life and he was considering an offer from the owner of the Kona to come on board there.  He told me that he would let me know when or if he accepts the offer.  In my opinion he would be a positive addition to any business in the entertainment district.  Even with my bad legs I would try to see him there.

A STATISTICAL FACT –  39% of women in the Philippines watch Porn. It is the highest % in the world.  Now we know why so many of the ladies we run into in AC end up married to many foreigners, they are home schooled.

I have to add this one: A dog extracts more information from smelling a pile of shit than a human does watching CNN.  (That is not a political rant.  I thought it was funny.  For Democrats, you can change that to FOX news if you want to.

So sorry, I have to stop here as I have to head out to the farm tonight, stay overnight, and be present for out annual charity for low income families.  We have a 120 kids this year but my wife won’t let me be Santa anymore.  We have someone younger to help out.

Remember, be kind to horses.

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