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HAPPY DAYS IN ANGELES CITY? – Not yet folks!  We were all hoping our little town would open up a bit on 14 May but it was not to be.  It seems we will have to wait until 31 May and even then we might not get what we are hoping for.  Following is the news we were greeted with on 13 May that sent all our anticipation out the window.  Now I am not even sure things will change on 31 May.  The saying is “suck it up, tighten your belt, smile and press on”, but my goodness, you can only suck up so much before you get so full that you shit all over yourself.  One of my gecko families had a baby so at least that was good news.
ANGELES CITY – Mayor Carmelo “Pogi” Lazatin Jr. urged the Department of Health (DOH) and Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF), to implement modified Enhanced Community Quarantine in Angeles City until May 31, 2020 to avoid surge of COVID-19 transmission.
In a letter addressed to DOH Secretary Francisco Duque and IATF Co-Chairperson Secretary Karlo Alexei Nograles, Mayor Lazatin mentioned “the number of COVID-19 related cases in Angeles City is increasing and there is an upward trend in these numbers.”
To date, Mayor Lazatin added, there are 17 COVID-19 positive cases in the City, two of which were just detected last weekend.
He said that although the City Government procured testing kits for rapid antibody tests, the number is not enough.
As of May 5, 2020, 2,371 individuals already underwent rapid tests, where probable cases, persons with exposure, and City Hall frontline workers were prioritized.
Lazatin said the City Government is seeking to ramp up the conduct of rapid mass testing to contain the virus.
“I am in constant coordination with the Philippine Red Cross, Provincial Government of Pampanga, and Department of Health to extend the City’s capabilities and resources to widen the conduct of rapid mass testing,” he added.
Lazatin also mentioned the city has already drafted guidelines for the impending General Community Quarantine.
“However, we need more time to flesh out all the details and logistics to ensure its orderly implementation. We strictly ask that we be given more time to do so,” Lazatin said.
It can be recalled that Angeles City is still under assessment until May 14 by IATF whether it will be under GCQ after the ECQ is lifted.
Leah Isidro De Fiesta
BAD NEWS FOR ME – and many other Filipinos anxious to get back to the Philippines, my wife’s return flight from Hawaii, for the 4th time, has been cancelled.  Needless to say she is completely stressed out.  The people she is staying with are preparing their house for sale so she must, in a few days from now, move back to the hotel on the Army Post at Schofield Barracks.  Now, I think PAL will schedule a flight for 1 June but who knows.  Will that give them enough time to get their act together.  The local newscasters and Government officials always say, “be patient”, fine, but, eventually, patience runs out as hundreds if people in the US, waiting to return home, are disappointed time after time.  What is wrong with allowing them to come home, after all, they are not all coming from California and New York.
WEATHER – Just saw on the news that a typhoon is on the way.  It is over Samar so I guess we will see a bit of rain in AC.  I don’t expect it to be too bad as Manila is projected for level 1 only at this time.  Too bad the rains can’t wash away COVID-19.  Typhoon “Anbo” has hit Samar Provinces with extreme consequences that have dwindled their resources to deal with the damage.  This the first major storm of the 2020 season and on top of dealing with the quarantine is a double whammy for the citizens.  If you hear of an Expat living in Samar, he is there for only one reason – his wife is from there.
DOUBLE STANDARD – Oh man, I love this one.  I keep seeing announcements about social distancing, face masks, no gatherings beyond 10 people, no parties, no alcohol.  Violators can be arrested, it is so strict, hell, you can’t even have funerals.  So, I was certainly surprised when watching CNN Philippines to see Pinky Webb interviewing well fed Metro Manila Police Chief PMGeneral Debold Sinas in regards to pictures taken at his birthday celebration that was well attended.  The attendance was large with a band and buffet food.  There was absolutely no distance measures but attendees were wearing face masks except the members of the band.  Pinky was doing one hell of a good job in this interview as this guy was offering some of the most silly excuses I ever heard.  He was saying that it was not a party but a spontaneous gathering.  You have to be kidding me, what spontaneous, when you have a band, a cake, and a buffet there is no “spontaneous” at all.  It is well planned.  This General is under investigation and did not seem sorry at all.  He apologized to the people but I say “bull shit”, he is a disgrace.  While regular citizens suffer while following quarantine restrictions this Police Chief allows a birthday party.  Talk about a double standard and what kind of example does he set for the whole country.  President Duterte should fire him or at least force his immediate retirement.  What a shame.  By the way, just wondering, is there no weight standards in the PNP as you rise in rank?
RAPIST – This has nothing to do with AC or the Philippines but I just want to take a moment to relate information that I had no idea about.  Viewing the news I saw a story about a Filipina that was raped in the US (Nebraska) when she was 14.  She hid it until she became pregnant and the parents took her to the hospital.  After the doctor confirmed pregnancy he told the parents it had to be reported to the police.  Eventually, the rapist was charged with 1st degree rape but plea bargained it down to 3rd degree,  He was also ordered to pay child support.  After that order then he claimed parental rights which by law gave him the rights to visit the child and the mother could not prevent it.  At first the visits are short and with the mother present but over time the visit is extended time wish and also becomes unsupervised and the mother has to drop the child off and then pick up later.  Naturally the mothers live in fear of this procedure and now bills are being prepared to send to Congress to change the law.  It is certainly needed,.
HOW STUPID ARE WE:  DGI drones from China are donated to police stations in the US to monitor  citizen movements.  You can be sure all that info goes to China as well.
CAMERAS:  When I was a kid (a hell of a long time ago) life was simple.  The cops were respected and they only wore a badge on their uniform and carried a gun.  Now I see videos showing that the police cars have a camera on the dash, a camera on each fender and the rear end.  The cop has a body camera as well and now, that is not enough, so they added a gun with a camera attached.  It is activated whenever he pulls his weapon out of his holster.  I guess eventually the will add a hat camera and shoes with cameras as well.  Wait, add a camera at his back too in case he gets shot in the back.  Why should a cop bother getting out of his car at all.  Just call it in and let a drone do the work.,  Even if they catch a crook he won’t get any jail time.  I think they should have a TV station dedicated to watching all these cameras live.  That way we can see who is getting free meals or donuts and also be witness to all police actions.  What about detectives do they have to have all those cameras too.  Hollywood could see what cops would look good for a TV series or maybe even be a Hollywood star.  Of course they would have to be a Democrat and swear allegiance to AOL.
PLAQUE OF CORRUPTION – a book by Dr. Judy Mikovits.  A must read.  That is all I am going to write about it.  Search her name on Google search,
RACISM:  This is some serious shit.  Companies are messing up with Robots! Yep, already it has been noted that robots being built are white.  OK guys, lets sort this out before we have robot race riots.  We can nip this in the bud now!  Al Sharpton is hoping he can live long enough.  Can we ever get rid of racism?  I doubt it, we can’t even have a pandemic without using it.  I keep reading that the majority of prisoners in jail are men and women of color.  I agree, it is unfair and I now call on more white people to commit crimes.  But the crimes have to be very serious now in order to be placed in jail so do your best.  I don’t know why all those homeless people littering the streets of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York don’t just commit crimes that will get them jail time.  Free housing, free food, free education or learn a trade, TV, movies, games, sports.  What a great life.  You would no longer have to shit in the streets.
INTERESTING:  Democrats killed a bill for tuition assistance for children of veterans killed in battle, then approved subsidizing  the education an health care of illegal immigrants.  Remember this on election day.  (Ouch, I just had to add this to piss off my anti-Trump haters).  By the way, President is considering designating ANTIFA as a major terrorist organization.  Not all bad, if you run out of face masks, get in touch with antifa members.
Oh boy, do I really want to add this?  Ah hell, go for it:  The HiJab that Ilhan Omar wears on her head is really a diaper for people with shit for brains.  OK, one more item I noticed.  Is Mario Lopez a coward?  He was right when he said 3 year old children should not choose their gender.  He is a TV host and was worried he may lose his job for his comment.  Later he apologized for his comment.  Loser?
FLOATING BARS IN SUBIC:  A long time ago I wrote that they were going to be forced to closed down,.  Never happened.  Lets hope the subject never comes up again.
DO YOU THINK I BETTER QUIT HERE?  OK, 208 Democrats said yes.  I guess I will head to my freezer and get some Pelosi ice-cream made by Magnolia, have a couple of scoops and leave out some for my Gecko family.  After that I am going to bed, read my book and dream of another day in good ole AC, a place that used to be.   Be kind to horses.
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Man, 10 May already.  I have been working on this in draft for well over a week now.  I am still enjoying my forced old man house arrest.  I have lots of company, geckos in my bedroom and office and we have daily conversations.  They are complaining that their food supply is dwindling because everyone is staying in and the bugs are staying out.  No open windows because of the heat and air-conditioners.  What day is today, oh year, Mother’s day and it is a Sunday.  I always have to check my cell phone to see what day it is.  We really don’t need to know the days of the week anymore, just another day.  Hopefully Mrs Horse will leave Hawaii on 16 May if the flight is not cancelled again.  

I have to pass on this message from the RAO mailroom:

OUR MAIL ROOM  IS BURSTING AT THE SEAMS AND WOULD APPRECIATE ALL THAT CAN GET OUT TO PICK UP YOUR MAIL…..(The retired US military expats have not had access to mail since this lock down started so this is good news.  I just have to remember to check on Tuesday, if I can remember what day it falls on.)
VERY IMPORTANT:   Please go to You Tube and search for “Rev Danny Jones Trounces The New World Order”.  Listen and judge for yourself.  This is something for both Democrats and Republicans to take note of.  

NAGGING WIVES:  May is here and we are still in the lock down with no end in sight.  Husbands and wives stuck together 24/7 with no separation unless you live in a mansion with many rooms.  Wives have no contact with other women so they have no outlet for their non-stop chatter.  If you only have one TV you are in trouble with the wife wanting to watch her soap operas and men wanting sports or something of interest.  The wife starts non-stop talking or nagging or just plain old gossip.  If you have one of those you can’t control, then order one of these models.  Then sit back in your shorts and T-shirt and quietly dream of a cold beer.  


The following two links cover a very controversial subject in the Philippines.  It has been an on and off again news item for quite some time now but since it was announced that  the employees would be allowed to work during this Virus lock-down it has jumped into the spotlight once again.  Most of the employees are Chinese and their presence in various areas of Manila are dramatically increasing.  You would be a bit surprised to learn the reason for allowing their employees to work again.  

ANGELES CITY IS STILL IN A STRICT LOCK DOWN — as is Manila but on 15 May President Duterte is supposed to review current procedures and see if the restrictions can be eased in certain areas.  Like most people I would love to see life in AC get back to normal quickly but, this will not happen.  It is a damn shame that so many people have to suffer as they see their businesses closed down and their savings wiped out.  I wonder how so many hourly workers with no savings to fall back on are able to survive.  There are no unemployment checks for workers in the Philippines yet they survive.  Angeles City is no different from tourist dependent areas in other countries.  The problem here is which businesses will re-open when allowed?  How many bars will be sold and bought up by others.  Will the Koreans, like vultures, be ready with cash in hand to acquire properties they have desired for years.  I fear that our little entertainment area will never be the same again.  I believe the reopening of bars is at the very end of the Mayor’s essential business list.  On this I sincerely hope I am wrong as too many employees depend on this.  
We are returning to the afternoon thunder and lightning storms where, as usual, the electric company shuts down the power grid.  Next will come the day long rains, days of rain and Monsoon rains.  I hope eventually that soon we will be able to do more than look out the windows of our home and dream of seeing our friends again.  How about a cold beer?  How about attending another fine luncheon at a meeting of the Angeles City Businessmen’s Club where a restaurant has a chance to please a hungry membership.  This town needs to come alive again, it is a town of many memories and a town with a bright future, we all hope.  


I better close this out for now.  I would love to hear from some bar owners in AC regarding how they are coping with this lock down especially for those with stay in employees who not travel home or just stay in rather than rent a room outside.  I have not heard of any needing assistance.  Maybe that is something the ACBC committee can look into as we do try to look after each other.  Time for me to get to the bedroom and have a chat with my in-house gecko team.  I have a few in my office as well.  The wife is supposed to be on a PAL flight 16 May so I will have someone else to talk to.

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