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HAPPY DAYS IN ANGELES CITY? – Not yet folks!  We were all hoping our little town would open up a bit on 14 May but it was not to be.  It seems we will have to wait until 31 May and even then we might not get what we are hoping for.  Following is the news we were greeted with on 13 May that sent all our anticipation out the window.  Now I am not even sure things will change on 31 May.  The saying is “suck it up, tighten your belt, smile and press on”, but my goodness, you can only suck up so much before you get so full that you shit all over yourself.  One of my gecko families had a baby so at least that was good news.
ANGELES CITY – Mayor Carmelo “Pogi” Lazatin Jr. urged the Department of Health (DOH) and Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF), to implement modified Enhanced Community Quarantine in Angeles City until May 31, 2020 to avoid surge of COVID-19 transmission.
In a letter addressed to DOH Secretary Francisco Duque and IATF Co-Chairperson Secretary Karlo Alexei Nograles, Mayor Lazatin mentioned “the number of COVID-19 related cases in Angeles City is increasing and there is an upward trend in these numbers.”
To date, Mayor Lazatin added, there are 17 COVID-19 positive cases in the City, two of which were just detected last weekend.
He said that although the City Government procured testing kits for rapid antibody tests, the number is not enough.
As of May 5, 2020, 2,371 individuals already underwent rapid tests, where probable cases, persons with exposure, and City Hall frontline workers were prioritized.
Lazatin said the City Government is seeking to ramp up the conduct of rapid mass testing to contain the virus.
“I am in constant coordination with the Philippine Red Cross, Provincial Government of Pampanga, and Department of Health to extend the City’s capabilities and resources to widen the conduct of rapid mass testing,” he added.
Lazatin also mentioned the city has already drafted guidelines for the impending General Community Quarantine.
“However, we need more time to flesh out all the details and logistics to ensure its orderly implementation. We strictly ask that we be given more time to do so,” Lazatin said.
It can be recalled that Angeles City is still under assessment until May 14 by IATF whether it will be under GCQ after the ECQ is lifted.
Leah Isidro De Fiesta
BAD NEWS FOR ME – and many other Filipinos anxious to get back to the Philippines, my wife’s return flight from Hawaii, for the 4th time, has been cancelled.  Needless to say she is completely stressed out.  The people she is staying with are preparing their house for sale so she must, in a few days from now, move back to the hotel on the Army Post at Schofield Barracks.  Now, I think PAL will schedule a flight for 1 June but who knows.  Will that give them enough time to get their act together.  The local newscasters and Government officials always say, “be patient”, fine, but, eventually, patience runs out as hundreds if people in the US, waiting to return home, are disappointed time after time.  What is wrong with allowing them to come home, after all, they are not all coming from California and New York.
WEATHER – Just saw on the news that a typhoon is on the way.  It is over Samar so I guess we will see a bit of rain in AC.  I don’t expect it to be too bad as Manila is projected for level 1 only at this time.  Too bad the rains can’t wash away COVID-19.  Typhoon “Anbo” has hit Samar Provinces with extreme consequences that have dwindled their resources to deal with the damage.  This the first major storm of the 2020 season and on top of dealing with the quarantine is a double whammy for the citizens.  If you hear of an Expat living in Samar, he is there for only one reason – his wife is from there.
DOUBLE STANDARD – Oh man, I love this one.  I keep seeing announcements about social distancing, face masks, no gatherings beyond 10 people, no parties, no alcohol.  Violators can be arrested, it is so strict, hell, you can’t even have funerals.  So, I was certainly surprised when watching CNN Philippines to see Pinky Webb interviewing well fed Metro Manila Police Chief PMGeneral Debold Sinas in regards to pictures taken at his birthday celebration that was well attended.  The attendance was large with a band and buffet food.  There was absolutely no distance measures but attendees were wearing face masks except the members of the band.  Pinky was doing one hell of a good job in this interview as this guy was offering some of the most silly excuses I ever heard.  He was saying that it was not a party but a spontaneous gathering.  You have to be kidding me, what spontaneous, when you have a band, a cake, and a buffet there is no “spontaneous” at all.  It is well planned.  This General is under investigation and did not seem sorry at all.  He apologized to the people but I say “bull shit”, he is a disgrace.  While regular citizens suffer while following quarantine restrictions this Police Chief allows a birthday party.  Talk about a double standard and what kind of example does he set for the whole country.  President Duterte should fire him or at least force his immediate retirement.  What a shame.  By the way, just wondering, is there no weight standards in the PNP as you rise in rank?
RAPIST – This has nothing to do with AC or the Philippines but I just want to take a moment to relate information that I had no idea about.  Viewing the news I saw a story about a Filipina that was raped in the US (Nebraska) when she was 14.  She hid it until she became pregnant and the parents took her to the hospital.  After the doctor confirmed pregnancy he told the parents it had to be reported to the police.  Eventually, the rapist was charged with 1st degree rape but plea bargained it down to 3rd degree,  He was also ordered to pay child support.  After that order then he claimed parental rights which by law gave him the rights to visit the child and the mother could not prevent it.  At first the visits are short and with the mother present but over time the visit is extended time wish and also becomes unsupervised and the mother has to drop the child off and then pick up later.  Naturally the mothers live in fear of this procedure and now bills are being prepared to send to Congress to change the law.  It is certainly needed,.
HOW STUPID ARE WE:  DGI drones from China are donated to police stations in the US to monitor  citizen movements.  You can be sure all that info goes to China as well.
CAMERAS:  When I was a kid (a hell of a long time ago) life was simple.  The cops were respected and they only wore a badge on their uniform and carried a gun.  Now I see videos showing that the police cars have a camera on the dash, a camera on each fender and the rear end.  The cop has a body camera as well and now, that is not enough, so they added a gun with a camera attached.  It is activated whenever he pulls his weapon out of his holster.  I guess eventually the will add a hat camera and shoes with cameras as well.  Wait, add a camera at his back too in case he gets shot in the back.  Why should a cop bother getting out of his car at all.  Just call it in and let a drone do the work.,  Even if they catch a crook he won’t get any jail time.  I think they should have a TV station dedicated to watching all these cameras live.  That way we can see who is getting free meals or donuts and also be witness to all police actions.  What about detectives do they have to have all those cameras too.  Hollywood could see what cops would look good for a TV series or maybe even be a Hollywood star.  Of course they would have to be a Democrat and swear allegiance to AOL.
PLAQUE OF CORRUPTION – a book by Dr. Judy Mikovits.  A must read.  That is all I am going to write about it.  Search her name on Google search,
RACISM:  This is some serious shit.  Companies are messing up with Robots! Yep, already it has been noted that robots being built are white.  OK guys, lets sort this out before we have robot race riots.  We can nip this in the bud now!  Al Sharpton is hoping he can live long enough.  Can we ever get rid of racism?  I doubt it, we can’t even have a pandemic without using it.  I keep reading that the majority of prisoners in jail are men and women of color.  I agree, it is unfair and I now call on more white people to commit crimes.  But the crimes have to be very serious now in order to be placed in jail so do your best.  I don’t know why all those homeless people littering the streets of San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, New York don’t just commit crimes that will get them jail time.  Free housing, free food, free education or learn a trade, TV, movies, games, sports.  What a great life.  You would no longer have to shit in the streets.
INTERESTING:  Democrats killed a bill for tuition assistance for children of veterans killed in battle, then approved subsidizing  the education an health care of illegal immigrants.  Remember this on election day.  (Ouch, I just had to add this to piss off my anti-Trump haters).  By the way, President is considering designating ANTIFA as a major terrorist organization.  Not all bad, if you run out of face masks, get in touch with antifa members.
Oh boy, do I really want to add this?  Ah hell, go for it:  The HiJab that Ilhan Omar wears on her head is really a diaper for people with shit for brains.  OK, one more item I noticed.  Is Mario Lopez a coward?  He was right when he said 3 year old children should not choose their gender.  He is a TV host and was worried he may lose his job for his comment.  Later he apologized for his comment.  Loser?
FLOATING BARS IN SUBIC:  A long time ago I wrote that they were going to be forced to closed down,.  Never happened.  Lets hope the subject never comes up again.
DO YOU THINK I BETTER QUIT HERE?  OK, 208 Democrats said yes.  I guess I will head to my freezer and get some Pelosi ice-cream made by Magnolia, have a couple of scoops and leave out some for my Gecko family.  After that I am going to bed, read my book and dream of another day in good ole AC, a place that used to be.   Be kind to horses.
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Man, 10 May already.  I have been working on this in draft for well over a week now.  I am still enjoying my forced old man house arrest.  I have lots of company, geckos in my bedroom and office and we have daily conversations.  They are complaining that their food supply is dwindling because everyone is staying in and the bugs are staying out.  No open windows because of the heat and air-conditioners.  What day is today, oh year, Mother’s day and it is a Sunday.  I always have to check my cell phone to see what day it is.  We really don’t need to know the days of the week anymore, just another day.  Hopefully Mrs Horse will leave Hawaii on 16 May if the flight is not cancelled again.  

I have to pass on this message from the RAO mailroom:

OUR MAIL ROOM  IS BURSTING AT THE SEAMS AND WOULD APPRECIATE ALL THAT CAN GET OUT TO PICK UP YOUR MAIL…..(The retired US military expats have not had access to mail since this lock down started so this is good news.  I just have to remember to check on Tuesday, if I can remember what day it falls on.)
VERY IMPORTANT:   Please go to You Tube and search for “Rev Danny Jones Trounces The New World Order”.  Listen and judge for yourself.  This is something for both Democrats and Republicans to take note of.  

NAGGING WIVES:  May is here and we are still in the lock down with no end in sight.  Husbands and wives stuck together 24/7 with no separation unless you live in a mansion with many rooms.  Wives have no contact with other women so they have no outlet for their non-stop chatter.  If you only have one TV you are in trouble with the wife wanting to watch her soap operas and men wanting sports or something of interest.  The wife starts non-stop talking or nagging or just plain old gossip.  If you have one of those you can’t control, then order one of these models.  Then sit back in your shorts and T-shirt and quietly dream of a cold beer.  


The following two links cover a very controversial subject in the Philippines.  It has been an on and off again news item for quite some time now but since it was announced that  the employees would be allowed to work during this Virus lock-down it has jumped into the spotlight once again.  Most of the employees are Chinese and their presence in various areas of Manila are dramatically increasing.  You would be a bit surprised to learn the reason for allowing their employees to work again.  

ANGELES CITY IS STILL IN A STRICT LOCK DOWN — as is Manila but on 15 May President Duterte is supposed to review current procedures and see if the restrictions can be eased in certain areas.  Like most people I would love to see life in AC get back to normal quickly but, this will not happen.  It is a damn shame that so many people have to suffer as they see their businesses closed down and their savings wiped out.  I wonder how so many hourly workers with no savings to fall back on are able to survive.  There are no unemployment checks for workers in the Philippines yet they survive.  Angeles City is no different from tourist dependent areas in other countries.  The problem here is which businesses will re-open when allowed?  How many bars will be sold and bought up by others.  Will the Koreans, like vultures, be ready with cash in hand to acquire properties they have desired for years.  I fear that our little entertainment area will never be the same again.  I believe the reopening of bars is at the very end of the Mayor’s essential business list.  On this I sincerely hope I am wrong as too many employees depend on this.  
We are returning to the afternoon thunder and lightning storms where, as usual, the electric company shuts down the power grid.  Next will come the day long rains, days of rain and Monsoon rains.  I hope eventually that soon we will be able to do more than look out the windows of our home and dream of seeing our friends again.  How about a cold beer?  How about attending another fine luncheon at a meeting of the Angeles City Businessmen’s Club where a restaurant has a chance to please a hungry membership.  This town needs to come alive again, it is a town of many memories and a town with a bright future, we all hope.  


I better close this out for now.  I would love to hear from some bar owners in AC regarding how they are coping with this lock down especially for those with stay in employees who not travel home or just stay in rather than rent a room outside.  I have not heard of any needing assistance.  Maybe that is something the ACBC committee can look into as we do try to look after each other.  Time for me to get to the bedroom and have a chat with my in-house gecko team.  I have a few in my office as well.  The wife is supposed to be on a PAL flight 16 May so I will have someone else to talk to.

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More Words and Thoughts

The Truth (and Lies) about Coronavirus

AN ARTICLE WORTH READING:  This is one article that I am saving for future reference.  It mirrors my thoughts and many others.  It is definitely something that should be shared with many.

Korean arrested for pimping girl

This is the first time I have tried to insert a link and was receiving instruction from my guru Chuck by Viber.  It took many tries as I am not computer literate.  The reason I wanted this inserted is because I was wondering how the Koreans were doing without their daily dose of young women.  When I used to sit out the front of Envy at night I lost count of the Vans dropping off and picking up the Koreans that headed straight into the walking street.  If I waited long enough I could give an evaluation to the girls they returned with, I have a scale of 1 to 10.  Then comes the lock down and an enterprising Korean is able to find a way to supply his Korean customers with various varieties of Filipina delights.  But being a bit brainless, once caught in the act he decides to make a break for it, thinking he could out run the Police.  So instead of being charged with trafficking he ends up in a whole lot of deep shit.  I wonder if he will actually face jail time or will this be another case of, sorry, no further news on this case?  In a way I think he had a good idea as a lot of ladies going hungry because of no business and no help from the Government could have enjoyed some higher than usual income.  

STATUS OF WIFE:  No surprise there, her flight back is still up in the air and my pleasure of having the whole bed to myself is wearing off quickly.  I even miss the little bit of snoring she does.  The thing is that she is my partner, friend and wife and short separations are OK but not one this long.  She was a young woman of 25 when we met and we had many adventures together over the years and managed to stay together.  Ultimately, I will not let this virus end this relationship.  We will unite again and I will contently return to my side of the bed, smile, fall asleep and wake in the morning to see that I am still with the woman I love.  

PHILIPPINES:   When you live in the Philippines as a foreigner you can’t help but follow politics here and in the US.  I was remembering that President Duterte on 12 Mar had a press conference where he laid out key points to fight the Virus.  One point caught my attention, “if things deteriorate we may have to ask for China’s help”.   Not being a great fan of China I was hoping that this would not be necessary especially since the virus originated in China and also since the Chines show no acknowledgement of The Philippines sovereignty in the South China Sea.

Then on 18 Apr President Duterte had an 18 minute phone call with President Trump.  The US offered additional assistance to the Philippines  to fight the COVID-19 Virus.  They discussed collaboration this issue.  The US has so far provided more than P203 million in aid to the Philippines in response to COVID-19.

Naturally I was pleased to hear this because I always hope that the close relationship The US has had with the Philippines for so many years continues far into the future.  But I must admit that sometimes some of our Senators stick their noses into business which is sensitive to President Duterte.  Not too long ago three US Senators were going to fly to the PI to investigate the jailing of a certain female judge.  They were concerned about human rights.  I always hear this from the US and other countries that voice these opinions and yes, at times the questions are legitimate.  But when it comes to the Philippines I wonder why the US supported the Marcos regime, without question for so many years since they were and are so concerned with human rights?

I always enjoy hearing from readers of this column and i can’t mention them all but I wish to thank the following for dropping me a line:  Willy Smith, Wally from New Zealand, Capt. Rainer from Germany, Drew Fleming, AC, and Stanley Krawies, Florida.  So often I hear from people that spent a bit of time here and caught the AC virus which does not kill but is incurable.  Again, thanks for the greetings.  

The following was sent to me by an anonymous source.  

This is something I totally agree with:

MANILA, Philippines — Several lawmakers have asked the Inter-Agency Task Force for the Management of Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) to reconsider its move to bar senior citizens living in areas placed on either enhanced or general community quarantine from leaving their homes.

Senior Citizens Partylist Rep. Francisco Datol Jr., who chairs the House committee on senior citizen’s affairs, said that senior citizens should be allowed to go outside “to move around” as long as they are practicing social distancing.
It would be good for our City Mayor to consider this.   The one thing I strongly disagree with is denying access to the S&R store in Dau to Angeles City residents.  It is not right since it is so close and they have items for sale that are not available in markets in AC.  Surely the same quarantine procedures imposed through out the country can still be applied for those seeking to shop in a better equipped store. 

THIS IS FROM TEFLON JOHN:    Well I finally figured out how to pay my power bill since all the payment places around town are closed down or are off line for the next ten years. 

I paid for two months today using my G CASH app that I downloaded load from my play store on my smart phone. (the same place I down loaded Viber ). This app is great I can now pay all my bills including cable, internet and water ON LINE using G Cash.  No more long lines for me. Wooo !!!


If you don’t yet have it, it’s worth getting and while you’re there if you don’t yet have Viber  you may as well download that as well.   Because they are both free to use and makes life a hell of a lot easier. 
Note: I have viber and strongly recommend it because it is free!  Better than pay for loads all the time.  (JD)
Michael Dammann wrote to me from the US stating that he felt that a lock down is no longer necessary since two effective drugs are available for treatment.  My reply was:  I always said if I got sick I wanted my doctor to give me Hydrochloriquine and Remdisiver.  But no, medical people tried to down play its effectiveness.  Why, because it is easily available and cheap.  Instead, lets wait for a company to invent a solution so a patent can be issued and that company can make a lot of money.  That is why so many companies are racing to find the first covid-19 anti-viral shot.  This whole damn virus thing is so very political and people like Jeff Bezos will become richer then he already is.  Why r shopping malls slowly disappearing?
THIS IS A RECORD FOR ME.   I got around to writing something just within a couple of days.  Hey, Tony, I enjoyed your second note to me more than the first.  I do remember your birthday party at the Wild Orchid Flamingo bar so many years ago.  Thanks for reminding me.  So many people I have met over the years that write and remind me of times past.  I was a bit younger then.  Hopefully you can make your return trip when this Mickey Mouse lock down is over and those planes are up and flying again.
Meanwhile, it is nearly time for me to take my shower and go to bed unless I start watching Netflix again.  Signing off now and still hoping you will be kind to old horses.





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Boy ain’t this virus something.  I’m sitting here looking out my window, seeing the blue sky and scattered white clouds , some trees and thinking.  I’m thinking that my ass hurts a bit cause I been sittin here so long listening to music and thinkin.  (Now Chuck, don’t change the spelling here cause I’m doin it on purpose).  You see I’m too old to run out on the street and yell “I”m tired of this shit” so I just mess up a bit of my spellin in protest.  Hell, that don’t hurt anybody and it keeps those barangay guys from beatin my ass.  COVID-19, what a pain this word has brought to the world.  Now, when this shit is over there will be books written, songs wrote, poems written and politicians talking their bull shit, that’s for sure.  Me, I’ll still be sitting on my constipated, old sore ass.  I’ll be thinking about Face Book, and that is not much to think about.  I’ll be wondering why so many people all of a sudden want to tell everybody what meals they are making for themselves.  So many of them look terrible and a few look interesting.  But I’m thinking who cares what they are eating.  Me, I’m just lookin to see something that tells me how to get rid of my constipation.  You know, during this lock in my favorite moments are when I can take one hell of a good dump.

I’m thinkin about missing my wife even though I kind of like having the whole bed to myself; and not getting up early even on the days the bed is supposed to be made.  You see, my wife is stuck in Hawaii because they close this Clark Airport down and Asiana Airlines has cancelled her return ticket twice.  Now she had to buy a ticket on PAL for 2 May, if it doesn’t get cancelled.  We call each other on messenger which is one hell of a good invention.  Man, you can actually see each other which ain’t too bad because even though she got to be a bit senior, she still looks pretty good.  Too bad I can’t say the same for myself.  She isn’t in Hawaii for pleasure she is there because she reached the age of 65.  Now please not that most of the expat men living here in Angeles City never run into this problem because they marry women young enough so that when she reaches 65 he is already long dead.  My wife was young when we met but we happen to like each other enough that we’re still together and I did not die yet.  You see, she is not a US Citizen and doesn’t even have a green card.  Hell, way back in 2011 we thought of getting her a immigration visa  but neither one of us wanted to live in the US long enough for her to become a citizen.  Now we see that was a big error in thought.  Before she turned 65 I got a notice that in order for her to keep her Tri-Care medical benefits she had to have Medicare part A and B.  (Sorry folks, this is all US stuff I am writing about).  In order for her to keep this benefit as a non-citizen she had to fill out a form and send in to Social Security for approval.  Thanks to the VA Manila outreach program they helped on this.  Her application was approved and now she has to 30 full calendar days in the US twice a year.  So she left for Hawaii on 27 Mar and return on 5 Apr.  She stayed at a hotel on Schofield Barracks, an Army Post so she could visit our son there.  Thanks to the virus she is still there. OK, I got that out of the way, sorry for long explanation but I wanted to warn those American guys coming over here to find a gal to marry to be careful on that age bit.  So, the Mrs will be back in May, hopefully and I already know that one of the first things she will be doing is (not sex) but changing the curtains.  I can’t figure out why women want to do that every six months, I figure every two years or so is good enough.

Thinkin’, still doin’ that.  This time I was thinkin’ about Las Vegas when I was first stationed there in 1962 and what a great small town it was.  I loved it there and after-a-while made it my State of residence.  It was a great place, real friendly but over the years it got bigger and bigger.  Bugsy had a great idea when he built the Flamingo and the Mafia came in and made the town.  The town changed when Howard Hughes arrived and that was the beginning of a change that changed the character of the town.  It grew but but the friendliness disappeared and it just seemed different. Now, the Virus has arrived and turned off the lights.

I arrived in Angeles City in 1977.  It was still a small City with many dirt roads, not that many places to eat, and many small bars to go to.  If you went over the Friendship bridge it was dark and spooky at night and martial law was in effect.  But the town had character that over the years has disappeared.  It is much more commercialized now but still the bars blaze with life at night.  But along came the Virus and now all is still.  I loved Vegas and I love Angeles City but even Martial Law was not as bad as this covid-19 but the many barriers that have been erected, manned by Barangay officials give’s one the feeling of a war zone without the shooting.  It feels like we are one step away from Martial Law maybe it is a rehearsal.  No liquor sales as the Government does not trust its citizens to drink at home peacefully.  I have heard of Expats going through beer withdrawal pains.  Pot bellies are diminishing. It is so quiet, imagine, no loud motorbikes with loud mufflers, no loud Karaoke music day and night, peaceful sleeping except for a neighbor that has a dog that can’t stop barking.  I just saw a news flash that the Government is running out of cash.

I was thinkin’ about the many poor here who are day laborers and now have no money and having a hard time finding food.  I think of many of the live-in bar girls who were not able to go home and have no money or very little food.  I miss seeing my friends at ThiHi  but I was able to deliver a sack of rice to them to help with their food.  I know that the owner is still trying to care for those still on board.  Naturally they are bored to death.  There is no unemployment payments in this country but food packages are delivered and some charity organizations try to help out.  It is hard to help when citizens are not allowed to leave the house.  Hopefully things will loosen up before the beginning of the rainy season.  I suppose that there will be a big jump in the baby population in the next 8 or 9 months.  I was thinkin’ how do you have sex with no touching or kissing?

I found myself thinkin’ a lot about friends, old and current that I don’t get to see now.  I don’t even bother to get dressed every day as I don’t feel like making the effort to go down and up the stairs.  I am grateful I still have a small staff that make my meals and bring it upstairs to me so I am not going out.  I try to keep in touch with people through Email, FB and messenger and sure is different from the days when I only had the old land line telephone.  The TV and computer are blessings and access to Netflix sure does fill up a few hours of the day and night. I am at that DNR age so I sure am happy when I am still able to open my eyes every morning and find I am still alive and not in a hospital.  I hurt for all those I read about being sick and dying because of this Chinese Wuhan Virus.  Yep, I am not worried about offending the Chinese Government.  I could go on a lot about that deceitful country but I will let you folks do your own research.  I will just say this, they are not to be trusted.

On a more light note I was thinkin’ about Thi-Hi and one of the ladies I spoke to before all this lock down stuff started.  Her name is Ruby Janet Barrios and she is 48 years old.,  Sadly, at that age she is still working in a bar and I hated to see that.  Now, I know I usually feature a younger lady but I figured, what the hell, maybe some senior citizens out there might want to correspond with her.  She ain’t no beauty and no dog either, she is in-between with a personality to boot.  I just hate to see this gal reach 50 and still be in the bar.  Naturally her kids are grown and on their own so no problem there.  She lived with a foreigner for years until he died and now she is still trying to make a future for herself.  I think she would make a good companion for someone.  I have a picture of her and I am hoping my Friend Chuck can insert it for me.  She is from Davao City, E-mail:  FB: Barrios shy.  Drop her a line, she is fun.

After writing about Ruby I don’t know why I thought of Doris Day dying at 97 years of age.  Why did I think of Ocasio Cortez AOC telling us that there is a helium shortage and soon helium filled balloons will be banned.

I got to thinkin’ about “Air Rage”.  I read that air rage is up 30% and yet some Air lines are planning to reduce space in coach (cattle car) as they try to add more seats.  Then I read that the US Government is planning to bail out some Airline Companies because the virus has caused them to lose money.  Why, when you fly domestic they could care less about your comfort and nearly charge you for the air you breathe.

I wonder how many knew that a Chinese company with close ties to the Communist Party signed a secretive deal a few months ago that gives  it exclusive development rights for the entire Island of Tulagi that has a population of only 1,ooo people.  They were shocked @ the news as there were no consultations.  The Island is in the South Pacific and served as a South Pacific Hq for Britain and then Japan before being won back by the Allied Forces in WW2.  That is not the only Island in The South Pacific they have gained rights to.

Now here is some good news.  I read that 30% of women in the Philippines watch porn, the highest percentage in the world.

Oh gosh I hate to write this one, but what the hell.  A scientific fact – a dog extracts more information from sniffing a pile of shit than a human does watching CNN.

The Mayor of Angeles City began, at last, confiscating modified mufflers on motor bikes.  This was something that should have been done a long time ago and thanks to Mayor Pogi Lazatin it has started.

For those who like to know details LGBTQIA  stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/Questioning,, intersex, asexual and the last PI pride march had 79,ooo participants.  Nothing like staying informed in this strange world we live in.

A Muslim overheard talking to a friend: “We kill them on 9/11 and they elect 3 of us to Congress, stupid infidels.”

I would so much like to write about the bars and restaurants but they all stand dark and empty.  Some places still have take-out meals like Envy and Paisano’s. I was surprised to hear today that Pure Gold is open but not sure of the hours.  I think it will take a long time before everything opens up again.  Maybe there will be a gradual opening and I hope that will be the restaurants.  It was emphatically stated by the City that the bars will not be opened right away.  I expect some bars to never open and many to be sold.  I will try to keep up with that as it happens.  I know it has been a long time since I lost wrote and I regret that.  I love communicating with the readers I still have but I find it a bit harder to type without a lot of errors.  I loved the years I had as Harry the Horse and that will never leave me.  As long as my body allows me to get up to my chair and computer I will continue to write to you via this medium.  If I happen to not wake up some day then my friend Chuck will let you know as he has access to this site.  Until that time continue to be kind to horses.

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Greetings to one and all.  I am so happy to still be around to be able to keep in touch with you.  Regretfully I had to say farewell to people I have known quite a while:

TAPS:  Carmello Lazatin, past AC Mayor, Congressman and current Balibago barangay Captain.  I knew his father, a great AC Mayor and then his son.  While I was secretary of ACTA I had the opportunity to work with Mayor Lazatin (the son) for a few years and grew to admire and respect him and enjoyed attending his birthday celebrations and he honored me with his presence at two of my celebrations as well.  Many will miss him, especially me.

Clive Pollington – Clive passed away from a heart attack recently and his sudden passing was a shock to his many friends.  Clive was a first class gentleman who at one time owned Roy’s Pub, a very popular location to eat lunch and also to gather early evening for enjoying various brews and quietly interact with each other in not too loud conversation.  It was especially popular with the English expats in town.  I was surprised to learn a few years back that quiet gentleman, in his younger years, participated in professional side-car motorcycle racing in England.  Clive was proud of those days and many were amazed that this quiet, gentle man was once involved in such an exciting, dangerous sport. Needless to say, he will be missed by many especially those he worked and socialized with at the Orchid group.

 John Holmes – The owner of the Phoenix Hotel.  I do not have much information as it happened very recently.  It really was sudden and happened on site.  I remember when this hotel was built and Owen Dolan helped with on-site supervision.  Owen was it first manager and he and John made a good team. Sadly Owen was murdered in a robbery attempt and John was left in need of a manager.  Fortunately he found the only only man who could fill Owen’s shoes and that is Mike Evans, (Only old timers know his nickname so I will omit it here).  The team of John and Mike continued until the sad day of John’s passing.  The question now is what will the relatives decide to do with the Phoenix Hotel and will Mike continue on for now?
I know as I grow older and reach my 34th year here I know if I continue on I will have to bid farewell to more expats that I have known and with each loss I will feel that gray cloud of sadness pass over me and remember their friendships, close and casual, and as time passes I will remember them until my memory fades or I join them myself.  It is so much sadder when they pass on in December, a month so close to another year.  Hard to deal with so much sadness and also celebrate the holiday season.

27 March 2019 – Oh boy, I am in trouble.  I started this before Christmas and now, so much later I pulled up my draft.  Instead of going downstairs to watch the girls playing pool I am sitting my ass down to write a few lines.  I just finished a Rotary meeting.  If I go downstairs, here is what will happen.  I will watch the game, it ends after 5 PM.  I then would go out for a walk with my walker because my wife insists it will help my legs (I agree with her but never admit it).  After the walk, return to the bar, sit at favorite at my table, turn on the TV and start watching Netflix and think about going upstairs to write this column.  Nope, I will stay watching Netflix, eat dinner, continue with Netflix, then my friend Tony will come in for a chat at 8:45, interrupt my TV viewing, have 2 beers, then leave for home at 9:50 PM at which time I get my helper to help me out of my chair, get me up the stairs into my office to take off my shoes and socks.  At this time I should go to bed but I am not tired, time to check my Emails, FB and messenger.  All to often I get distracted into watching clips of America has talent, Britain has Talent, Sweden has Talent, Ethiopia has talent, Norway has Talent, India has Talent and a few doses of X Factor.  At the same time I am answering messages, messenger, etc.  Suddenly it is 1 AM and I force myself to take a shower and go to bed.  Of course, then I read in bed until my eyes get tired, turn out the light, and doze off thinking that I should have worked on this column.   This is my daily schedule and I have not even discussed my morning routine which is not good either.  I also go to Rotary once a week, Physical Therapy twice a week and Envy Sports Bistro 2 times a week.  I am suffering from TVitis  and well, a bit of laziness.  The result is, that at 81 my only talent is being able to fall asleep anywhere at any time, in fact, I feel my eyes getting heavy as I type this and it is only 4:45 PM and I am fighting off the temptation to go down and watch the girls finish their last few games.

I think listing those friends that passed away so close to the end of the year depressed me but now I have to mention one friend who was the Captain of one of my pool teams and a good customer as well.  His name was Michael Keith Rowell, AKA “Whisky Mike” and his demise was an example of how far too many Expats reach their final days in Angeles City.  Mike enjoyed a few drinks of Black Label each day and over the years the consumption increased and eventually along came a few medical problems as well.  Mike was well liked and yes, he was a nice guy with many friends that did their best to look after him.  He sort of had a girlfriend that was not all that dependable and quite often he was on his own.  Mike was 69 when he suffered from a serious stroke that caused him to lose his mobility and he had to lay on a mattress placed on the floor of his living room apartment.  Local Expat friends were able to pay his hospital bill and try to help him as much as possible on a daily basis.  He was helpless and needed help to get to the bathroom, get cleaned up, fed and at times place him in a wheel chair to get him out to eat.  Even then he still lived up to his nickname and ate very little.  There is a close net group of Expats that did all they could for him and a few in particular reached out to help him in a way that was so commendable and this is not a rare experience here.  Regretfully Mike passed away  and even thought we knew such an ending was inevitable we wondered if this situation could have been avoided.

The problem is that many Expats that live here for any length of time, including me, have established our senior lives here and this is home.  We have homes, condo’s, apartments, wives, relatives, friends and a type of community that does not exist in the US, Britain, Australia, etc.  Only if you live here could you understand what this feeling is and why, even when sick, we do not want to leave, even when we know it is ridiculous not to to do so.  It is easy to fall into a trap of drinking too much because of the environment and the affordability of liquor and cigarettes.  Another problem is that many settle here without an adequate monthly income and medical care is not cheap.  A month or two after Mikes death a local bank notified officials that Mike had an account with them but after consultations with the bank it was discovered that the account did not have and funds in it.  Why do I dwell on this subject?  Please, if you plan to retire here prepare yourself.  Have the funds in the bank to cover you or have a DECENT retirement check coming in each month.  When I first came here in 1977 living here was really cheap, in 1985 when I moved here permanently it was still pretty reasonable, now, 2019 try to have at least a monthly income of $3000 or more, depending on what life style you want.  Life is good here and Angeles City is one exciting town to live in as it is changing month to month.  Visit first, more than once, than decide.

BAYPOINT HOSPITAL, SUBIC – I just received information that based on complaints against Baypoint by Senator Dick Gordon, Baypoint has been downgraded by Dept of Health to an infirmary.  That means they currently cannot do surgeries, admit you to ICU, or do in-depth testing at lab/heart center or radiology.  You can get emergency care to stabilize and they can and they can do CBC’s but that’s about it.
This information came from Jack Walker, director of the RAO office at Subic.  This affects the many military retirees living in the Subic area who now will have to use either Medical City and Gordon are Tri-Care and only Medical City is FMP.  That is the only information available now but I suspect more details will follow.

DAVE (VEGAS DAVE) HAMILTON – was moved from ICU last week and is now in room 307, Medical City, Clark.  I will try to visit him tomorrow to see how his recovery is going.  From what I hear Dave suffered a fall serious enough for hospital admittance, complications led to an extended stay in ICU.  He is recovering and is undergoing in-room physical therapy.

QUESTION FROM “DIGBY” – Hi Harry, how are you, have not seen any posts from your side which I always look forward to. Is ThiHi still going strong with the same girls I saw in December and what of the old Porkys (Finnegans).  Keep well, Digby
(Good to hear from you Digby.  Not to worry ThiHi is going strong and since Dec they have added a few ladies but loss some of those you saw in Dec.  The new owners have made additional improvements that are very pleasing.  It remains my go to bar as it has been for many years.  The addition of outside seating was a popular choice even though City Hall forced them to cut back on the frontage due to encroachment.  So far Hang-out and Honey Ko’s has been able to keep their extended frontage.  All three establishments remain popular which is great.
I  Finnegans Bar is still there with a great sign out front and enjoying a lot of business.

Look, it is getting a bit late now and I had two interruptions.  Mrs Horse had her home manicure by Pearlie and I piggy backed on that and of course another break for dinner.  We ordered take out from the Siam Thai restaurant right around the corner from our hotel.  Had enough to be able to enjoy leftovers tomorrow night.

I hope I can publish this as I have never saved to draft before.  I do plan to write more often, I miss doing it.  Tomorrow physical therapy and head over to Envy for the Footie.  I have a lot more words floating around my head but will try to sort those out tomorrow.  Oh wait.  I have to announce that our little Pension House has now come under the umbrella of RedDoorz which means if you want to book a room now please go on the internet and look for RedDoorz Philippines, Pampanga and we are listed as RedDoorz Tamarind.  It is all new to us but it seems to be increasing our occupancy.  We have still maintained our name but now our 10 rooms are controlled by RedDoorz.  They basically rent our ten rooms for a monthly flat fee (after a 2 month trial period).  Now you can prepay a room booking which we were not able to do before.  What takes getting used to is that the price changes daily and at times can become extremely cheap.  We had raised our rates to P1200 daily now, depending on occupancy you might get a room as low at P700.  We are hoping that our regular customers will use this system, it is easy and convenient.

Good night for now and please remember to be kind to horses.

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Regarding my comments on the terrible shape of the Walking Street road which I feel is “walk at your own risk” this comment from Mike M follows:  

“Two solutions to the potholes on Fields.
1. Take a front end scooper of a skip loader and scrape the whole things. Go back to the original concrete road.
2. Just asphalt over the existing road. It wouldn’t look as nice with a black top. But it would function great.
Nothing will be done until their is a new mayor. Mayor does not want to admit they screwed up.
I was laughing when they were doing the work. Saw them pour like half to one inch over the new work to smooth it out. I said to myself that will not last with beer trucks.”
SPORTS:  Dare I say I hope that the Red Sox whip up on the Dodgers.  Sorry, I am one of those very old New Yorkers who has never forgiven them for leaving New York.  I was hoping that the Yankees would be in the World Series but it was not to be.  My father was raised in Lawrence, Mass. so I keep the Boston Red Sox as my second favorite team.
MOBILE MOB (CARAVAN) – What  a shame that it exists.  It is an invasion and entry to US must be denied.
ANGELES CITY POLITICS – Even though Foreigners have no say in the local Angeles City elections the results of the upcoming Mayor race between 3 aspirants affect us all.  It will be an interesting event.  I have a favorite but naturally not mention who.  I will say that one aspirant to the job has in the past stated that if he was Mayor he would close the bars on Fields Ave.  I am curious if he still feels that way, I hope not.  I think, eventually, the face of Fields Ave will change but the make-over will be gradual.
Another drama taking place now is the tug of war between past barangay Captain Tony Mamac and newly elected Barangay Capt Carmelo Lazatin.  This is one of those unique Philippine disputes that crop up all too often.  It is an interesting subject to follow and hopefully the dispute will be short in nature.  This is another position that affects expat businessmen in Balibago and of course, local citizens even more.  As I have written before, life in Angeles City is never boring.  I love this City, it has grown so much since my first arrival in 1977 and future growth is a given.  It is unbelievable, google Clark New City and read about what is planned for that area.  The growth is not limited to Clark and Angeles City areas such as Porac, Mexico , San Fernando and Tarlac are growing as well.  So many new subdivisions are eating up so much acreage and expat retirees and buying homes further out from the hub of Angeles City.  The further out you go the less expensive the homes are and the road system allows you easy access to shopping and schools.  I would love to have ten more years of life so I could witness the wonders to come in that short of time.  Oh my goodness, if you are considering retirement here, don’t wait, do it now, be part of the Pampanga experience.  Hey, if you do, drop by and visit this old horse.  Remember, be kind to horses.
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Hi folks, I am hoping I am inserting the following information correctly.  I decided to try an share the items with you as the first one on PAL routes is interesting for tourists and those living here permanently.  The flights in and out of Clark continue to increase which is good but the only one I am interested in never happens:  Clark to Bangkok.  Sure you can go to Manila for that but it sure is inconvenient and hiring a car to get there can cost P2,500 to P3,000.Another way to get to and from the Airport is becoming very popular, catch the Genesis bus from Clark, the cost is only P350.  It is a beautiful bus with plenty of room for luggage and it is very comfortable.  Check it out.

MANILA – Philippine Airlines on Thursday said it was launching three new routes out of Clark airport at the end of the month, one of which flies to the booming tourist town of San Vicente, Palawan.

PAL Express president Bonifacio Sam said the company expects demand for the San Vicente route to pick up quickly, as it allows travelers to bypass Puerto Princesa en route to the resort town of El Nido.

“On December 18, we will increase the frequency of this flight to a daily flight,” said Sam.

PAL Express senior assistant vice president Harry Inoferio said the flight to San Vicente will be offered at a promotional rate of P819 one way. Flights begin on Oct. 28.

Another new route will be to San Jose, Occidental Mindoro which will be also launched on Oct. 28, and a third route will be to Cauayan, Isabela which starts Oct. 30.

Flights to these new destinations will start at P599 one-way.

Inoferio said PAL will also increase flight frequencies between Clark and Bacolod, Cagayan De Oro, Catarman, Cebu, Puerto Princesa, Basco, Busuanga, Cauayan, and Siargao.

Rabbi Ang, PAL Express assistant vice president, said flying out of Clark makes more sense for travelers on a budget.

“It’s actually better to fly out of Clark. Fares out of Clark are up to 40 percent lower than fares out of Manila,”

Sam said that with the new routes, PAL’s Clark operations will connect to 18 domestic and 1 international destination.

“That makes PAL the biggest operator of Clark,” Sam said.

Philippines is world’s second top globalization destination: index

Arianne Merez, ABS-CBN News

Posted at Oct 20 2018 12:05 PM

Business process outsourcing is an economic lifeline in the Philippines with over 1.15 million Filipinos working in the industry. File photo

MANILA – The Philippines is the second top globalization destination in the world this year, according to global strategic advisory firm Tholons.

The 2018 Services Globalization Index saw the Philippines rising to the second spot of the “Top 50 Digital Nations” after placing third last year.

India continues to dominate the list while Brazil follows the Philippines at third place.

Other countries in the top 10 are the United States, Mexico, Canada, Russia, Vietnam, Colombia, and South Africa.

“Most of the services will get commoditized for the biggest leaders in services globalization like US, UK, Canada, Europe, India, Philippines, East Europe, and Latin America,” the index report stated.

Business process outsourcing is an economic lifeline in the Philippines with over 1.15 million Filipinos working in the industry.

The industry, along with remittances from overseas workers, remains one of the top 2 earners of foreign exchange for the Philippines.


Six cities from the Philippines, meanwhile, made it to the “Top 100 Super Cities,” with Manila placing second to Bengaluru in India.

The Philippine capital, which ranked fourth in 2017, is followed by the Indian city of Mumbai, which ranked third.

The rest of the Philippine cities included in the list all saw an improvement in their respective rankings.

Close to the top 10 is Cebu City, which ranked 11th from 12th last year, while President Rodrigo Duterte’s hometown Davao City went 10 notches higher to the 75th spot from 85th last year.

Santa Rosa City in Laguna rose to the 87th spot from 100th last year while Bacolod City climbed to the 89th spot from 97th in 2017.

The Visayan city of Iloilo, meanwhile, is a newcomer to the list, landing at the 92nd spot.

The index evaluates and ranks countries and cities based on availability and quality of talent in the area, business catalyst or the level of industry-related activity and organizational support, cost of doing business, infrastructure, innovation, and risk and quality of life among others.

PLATINUM CLUB:  yesterday I attended the AC Businessmen’s Luncheon and had a very enjoyable afternoon.  It was the first time I had visited this Club on Perimeter road and found it to be a place that I hope to return to real soon.  I liked the management, staff and dancers and was reminded  at how much I miss being able to do some bar hopping.  I miss meeting the owners, managers and yes, the Mamasans as well.  The food was provided by the VFW, soup, ribs, mash potatoes and green beans.  Loved the ribs and ended up pleasantly full.


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Cactus Jacks Restaurant – Finally I got around to eating at this establishment after waiting to do so for a few months.  It was worth the wait as I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  It opens at 1200 hrs, closes at 2400 hrs.  Location:  Savers Mart building on MacArthur Hi-Way, Balibago.  Parking in the back.  OK, got those details out of the way.  My wife’s family members treated her for her birthday and naturally I went along as I did not have to pay.  What a treat it was and for sure we will go there again, even if I have to pay.  Food, super and a large varied selection.  We chose the monster board which is good for multiple people to share.  It allows for two appetizers, two meats from the menu plus a bunch of other condiments, sauces, etc.  The cost as listed on the menu.  Separately I ordered the USDA Angus Rib Eye 400 grams with bone (P1,419) and boneless chicken wings.  I am going to try and get some pictures in here, if not, well, check out the place, you won’t be disappointed.  Oh here is a tip for the older guys they offer fresh oysters in the shell, 6 for P345 and 12 for P630; yeah, I know, a box of the blue pills are cheaper and I think the oyster thing is a myth anyway.
For songbirds Singer Queen Halili is on board to serenade you and also invite you to sing some songs of your choice.  Queen Halili is a relative of deceased popular past Mayor of Mabalacat, Fred Halili, a man I was honored to know personally.
The decor of Cactus Jacks if a mix of western and Mexican.  The menu reflects the decor and there is something for everyone.

Chilli’s at SM Clark – I ate lunch there again yesterday and again, I am telling one and all, if you have not visited the place yet, get your butts over there ASAP.  It is FANTASTIC!  If you can’t get there just get in touch with me and I will drive you there, it will only cost you a meal for me.  I know, I am too kind.

BAR NEWS:  Finnegans, previously Porky’s may be closing soon due to lack of business.  Ice Bar has 2 new owners who have made a few interior changes and doubled the female staff thereby experiencing a big increase in business.  It is very popular now, so much so, that I will have to try and get there on my own.  So far, word of mouth has reached me about its new popularity.

FIELDS AVE WALKING STREET –  Sure, “walking street” – Hey, Mr. Mayor, it is one of the worse streets to walk on in Angeles City!  I do not know how much was spent to try to fix it with some fancy stone work a couple years ago but someone must have stole the money.  It is terrible, full of holes, easy to trip and fall and it looks like hell.  I tried to visit there using my walker not too long ago and it was very frustrating and dangerous.  I made it as far as Kokomo’s and gave up.  I went around to Real Street and from there back to Fields Ave.  This street needs a complete make-over so it becomes a true “walking street”.  Right now I think it is an embarrassment to City Hall.

 SMOKING BAN – Hey, how is that working out?  It would be nice if it was enforced equally.  I have had reports of some bars allowing smoking while those who follow the law suffer loss of customers and money.  Anyone who encounters a bar allowing in-door smoking and is upset,  just send me the name of the establishment and I will not hesitate to post the info here.

PARKING FEES – Suddenly, the City Government is imposing parking fees in certain areas of the City.  I do not have the list of the areas but I do know of the location on Fields Ave from Phillie’s on down and also around Angeles University especially in the street behind the the school.  It would be nice to have these areas posted publicly.  Maybe this money will be used to repair the walking street (smile).

Please note that I did post something in “Political Rants”.  I have been restraining myself  on my political thoughts and social events in the US but I am starting to lose control.  There is far too much hatred in the US now and a note to late night talk show hosts, you all do not come close to the quality of Johnny Carson.

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Before I get into a bit of personal news, let me give a quick update on our nasty serial killer, Mark Dizon.  Yes, justice is slow in the Philippines.  His murder trial is not over yet; in fact, the prosecution just finished up a bit over a week ago.  Now, it is time for the defense.  What a bloody joke, the asshole’s defense is that he was not at the Mitchell house on the night of the murders.  This could hold up with the other two murders he committed as there were no witnesses.  Hopefully this is not the case with the Mitchell murders.  The Prosecution is pushing for a life sentence without parole.  Now I do have a bit of feeling for Mark.  Yes, I feel like I would like to skip all this bull shit and just be allowed to cut one of his main arteries and let him slowly bleed to death while I shot him in various parts of his body until death do him part.  Wouldn’t that be a terrific video to put on google or you tube.  Shit, I just realized that the left wing face book, google, you tube and twitter censors will delete it.  Oh well, just join me in my sadistic imagination.

PERSONAL NOTE:  Last Sunday evening I was sitting in the stable trying to watch a pirated Executioner 2 movie knowing it would not be a good copy.  I was angry as I went to SM on that Wednesday and at the ticket booth I learned that Tuesday was the last showing.  I was pissed!  OK, a better, more polite word would be extremely disappointed.  When halfway through this less than clear copy I suddenly became extremely dizzy and weak.  I tried to use my cell phone to call my wife but could not think right or get my fingers working properly.  Finally, I got it to ring, but unattended.  Desperately I tried to call my brother in law and this was not easy to do but somehow got it to ring.  I did not hear any answer and later I found out that is when I passed out.  The next thing I knew two people were carrying me down the stairs to my car and straight to the Medical City Clark emergency room.  By this time I was conscious and wanted to turn around and go home.  Bottom line is I had a seizure and am still having some tests made.  I did not stay overnight in the hospital even though, as usual, they try to use the “observation” money maker on you.  My wife had told me at the hospital that I had urinated in my pants.  That was embarrassing but when we go home and I got out of the car my wife noticed that the back of my pants had a pronounced dark brown coloring.  The next day she had the car seat fumigated.  Now, why the hell am I relating all this to you?  I am a certified senior citizen that has made it to 80 years of age and have had a minor stroke a year or so ago, a very slight seizure while sitting on the toilet 2 months ago in which I had to call for help and missed a meeting at the businessmen’s luncheon.  Now, this last one has scared me a bit as i have been a week getting over it.  I can’t help but wonder what is next but at the same time I am so happy to still be around and not bed ridden or lying in a casket full of embalming fluid.
Now, you know why I do not get around as much as I used to.  I am thankful that I am not living on my own without the help of a loving family.  I hate the fact that I am very familiar with the local emergency room and hope that I can continue to avoid the ICU department.  For those readers who have reached their senior years and find that our bodies sort of mess with us with no notice I certainly share the uncertainty of each passing day.  A seizure is a strange malady and one that makes you feel wonderful to recover from.  I no longer worry about typhoons, bills, deadlines, and do not want any anger in my life, even when talking to Democrats.  Rain or shine every day is a good day.  I have always wrote that you should be nice to old horses and by golly many of you have been over the years.  So, I will keep writing but a little less and I am appreciative of all the new subscribers.  Old friends are joining me and Teflon John, this is not a “mass text”.

MAXINE WATERS – Can someone tape her mouth closed!  OK, I know, now someone will suggest the same for Trump.  OK, see how agreeable I am now, better than dealing with ANTIFA.

TRANSGENDERS – I am definitely too old to figure this one out!  Just read that 8 year old school boys who identify as girls can now get the privates bounded as part of their transformation.  I guess little 8 year old girls that identify as boys get mini-dildo’s attached.  They can all still shit but pissing has to be a bit of a mess.

That’s it, I’m going to bed and looking forward to another day – Hey Tommo, rest in peace, Joe Carseley too.


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It is time for me to present another one of the beautiful waitresses from the Envy Bistro Sports Suite.  Her name is Stacy, 21 years old with a 5’6″ height.  Her personality is such that even if you go in for an early breakfast feeling a bit tired, her smile will wake you up.

Soon a new menu will be published with slightly higher prices due to the increase in the minimum wage and yes, again,  to cope with higher fuel prices.  The waitresses at Envy are recipients of all benefits required by the labor department.  Check out Envy, you might get lucky and have Stacy on duty.  By the way, she is single.





2 AUG 2018

I am posting this article from Savage because months ago I read about what was going on in South Africa and Zimbabwe and was wondering why I never saw anything on the TV news stations.  I remembered when all of America protested and boycotted when against apartheid but now that whites are being slaughtered no one cares.  Strange! 

There is a genocide going on in South Africa as its leaders are set to change their constitution to legally steal white farmers’ lands and throw them out of the country.

Liberals may believe that this seizure is just, but I should caution you as to what happened when this was done in Rhodesia. Now known as Zimbabwe, Rhodesia was very similar to South Africa. Before localization occurred, Rhodesia was primarily a black nation. The Rhodesians, meaning under Cecil Rhodes, conquered the land, colonized the land, and started to farm the land. The white farmers were so productive that they were able to not only feed the people of Rhodesia, but exported to the world. Then along came Robert Mugabe, the criminal, mass murderer, who preached the same kind of hatred that’s being preached in South Africa today.

Mugabe and his cohorts kicked the whites off the land in Rhodesia, renamed it Zimbabwe so it had a local, native name. Soon thereafter, the farms all failed and Rhodesia became a basket case begging on the world stage for food.

Unfortunately, the African people have not learned from history and they’re repeating this travesty because they’re kicking the whites off the land in South Africa. Behind this movement is a prominent and close associate of none other than the great Nelson Mandela, the god of gods to the liberal class.

Murders are increasing as they’re slaughtering men, women, children, and infants in front of the mothers and mothers in front of infants. These criminals are raping the women in front of their fathers on the farms.

Now of course, you haven’t heard any of this from CNN or MSNBC. Not even Fox News will run it, but I’ll bring it to light because this is a genocide occurring in front of our eyes.

In fear of what is to come, farmers are trying to leave South Africa before they are slaughtered. Australia has granted refuge to white farmers both in the Mandela era and now. In response, liberals screamed that Australia was racist for granting refuge to white farmers inferring that they should have stayed there to be butchered.

These farmers have also appealed to Russia seeking to resettle. A delegation consisting of some 30 South African farming families arrived in Russia’s farm belt region asking the local authorities to consider resettling up to 15 white farmers or Boers as they are known colloquially. Speaking to RT, the head of the delegation said, “Moving to Russia is a matter of life and death.” The region’s Deputy Commissioner for human rights Vladimir Poluboyarenko said, “There is a plan in place to resettle up to 50 Boer families and potentially some 500 families who would arrive in Russia with their own cattle.”

Do you realize that we are going to witness an exodus equal to that of the Bible when the Jews were forced to flee to Babylon? Do you understand we’re living through biblical times? While the mainstream media, even the conservative media, is transfixed with Mueller, Manafort, and collusion, they choose to ignore this shocking abuse of human rights. No, my friends, you won’t see this on tonight’s news because as we’ve learned it doesn’t fit the narrative.
Read Newsmax: White South Africans Are Being Slaughtered and the Media Ignores It |

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