Dental pt.4, Phillie’s Parking, Barrio Barretto

DENTAL PART 4 – I decided to add a new post about my dental drama.  Went today for a 4 PM appointment to have the final canal cleaned out.  Sure enough, in the middle of the job the brown out occurred again.  That is 3 times, BUT, surprise, they got the generator up and running and finished the job.  I left SMILE MAKEOVER with a big smile.  Only one appointment left to fill it in and put on the cap.  I hope I never have to suffer a root canal again.  What great patience Dr. Eileen had and her assistants as well.  (Dr Tan, no need to change)

NO PARKING – Everyone knows how difficult it is to try to get a parking space in front of Phillie’s Sports Grill and all of us living here were hoping that the CDC park area would eventually turned into a paid parking area.  That dream went out the window as the CDC police came and got rid of the squatters, cleaned up the area and then declared the place off limits.  I was informed that CDC will turn that whole area into a market.  No word on what kind of market yet.  There are so many areas in Angeles where parking at business establishments is difficult or non-existent?

BARRIO BARRETTO:  Driving to Subic is a pleasure due to the Expressway and the very short driving time.  It is also very convenient to drive through the Freeport Zone and then head to the popular entertainment spots in Barrio Barretto.  I have not been there this year but I have spoken to some lads here in Angeles City that have related as to how the prices for entertainment have become a bit expensive.  Like in Angeles City prices have risen over the years but what has changed as well is the attitude of many of the ladies and even some owners.  The Barrio is no exception as reviews reached me about bars such as Hot Zone, The Office and TRose places where the prices surprised those who had been customers for many years.  One bar mentioned, Mango’s was reported to have stable, easy to understand pricing.  This is not to be critical of these bars because times have changed and many Expats living here remember the old days but sometimes forget inflation and how much harder it is to make a Peso.  The surprise was in the differences in price for entertainment from bar to bar.  Isn’t that sort of similar to the principal of free marketing.  Shucks, shop around until you find a place with prices you can afford, or, simply go home and put on a movie and dream of the “Old Days”.

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