TRAGIC:  This morning I found out that the foreign manager of Gentlemen’s Club, Perry, was shot early AM as he was leaving work.  From what I learned from various sources is that two male Filipinos riding tandem on a motorcycle stopped and demanded money from him, when Perry refused to cooperate one of them shot him.  He was left lying in the street.  The latest news is that he was transported to Ona hospital and is still alive.  Pictures of him lying in the street have been circulated via social media.  This is a terrible act of violence and the sad thing is that I would be very surprised if the police did more than a cursory investigation.  As I receive more info I will update here and I certainly hope Perry survives.  At the time of the morning he left work that area of Perimeter road is dark and deserted.

US VISIT:  A week ago I returned from a quick visit to the US (Ft. Jackson, South Carolina) to attend the graduation of my son Jason from Army basic training.  It has been years since I was in a location that cold.  My wife and I were frozen, during the two day ceremony I shook so hard from the cold that my teeth hurt.  All went well, the family day and graduation  ceremony were wonderful to watch despite the cold and proud Mom, Vina was so happy to see “her baby” again.
We flew out of Clark on Emirates, business class and we were very happy with the great service and comfort.  We were 23 flying hours to our destination and when adding in layovers you better believe it was a long trip.  I used wheelchair service all the way and it seems to me that the distances from plane to gate in these terminals are getting longer and longer.  If I had to walk we would have missed our flights.  One pleasure that we had was not having to make the trip to and from NAIA Manila for our flight and believe me, even if we have to take a longer route to get to our destination we will always try to use Clark for our air travel.

It is time for bed now so I have to sign off but will be adding more comments soon.  Yeah, I have thoughts floating around in this old head of mine.  Remember, be kind to horses and the Emirates personnel certainly treated this old horse with kindness.

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Harry, How’d you let your son join the Army??? I would think with you being retired Air Force it would have been an easy sell over Army.

We tried Air Force, his first choice. Passed test, sent in all requirements but then was waiting too long for call up. Army recruiter visited the RAO, accepted the test score and scooped him up in no time. He is now stationed in Hawaii with a platoon that does not deploy. He got a $16,000 signing bonus that he will collect over the 4 years he is in. He went to plumbing school but so far has not done any plumbing at all.

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