JOSIE-HI BAR – Many of you will remember this bar under the name of Thi-Hi and also remember that it was my favorite place to go for a bit of fun.  I still go there once in a while but it has lost a bit of its style over the last couple of years.  Recently a long time customer came on board to help Josie (owner) with a bit of capitalization and suggestions for improvement.  It did not go as well as he hoped, in fact most of his time and money went into paying rent that was behind and utility bills.  He was able to bring on Ken (Mac), a popular, well known Australian to help manage and he was able to make some improvements that have increased sales.  But, problems persist and a further “house cleaning” is necessary to raise the customer base.  Recently, some new investors have shown an interest in taking the place over and have been checking the books in discussions with management.  A team of two, Bill and Conrad I know Tony the previous owner of  a bar that close down last year was the second person of interest.  This can be good news for the loyal customers of Josie-Hi who do not wish to see it close.  Whoever buys it, we can only hope that the stage and dancers will disappear, tables added and more nicely dressed GROs added.  The outside seating brought about by Ken has brought out a positive response.  The Josie-Hi Bar can, once again, be a success story.

THE RAJAH – Previously, I write about the Rajah Hotel being demolished; yesterday I had my driver take me by for a look and  it sure did bring back a lot of memories of the old days.  Yes, I was a “frequent user” of this drive-in establishment and for sure it was not very fancy, in fact it was in a constant state of deterioration but the price was right along with its convenient location.  Yes, I took a picture for my scrap book.

PICTURES:  Speaking of pictures, those of you that read my comments about Envy Bistro Sports Suites will notice that the picture of the waitress was added.  I did not do that!  My friend Chuck who helped me out with Harry the Horse has editing privileges and added the picture for me.  I was surprised to see it there the next day.

OVERNIGHT TRIP – During my recent trip to the US I found it difficult to be in a hotel room for 7 days and needed a lot of assistance from my wife.  Once again I asked her, “please, back in the PI do not make me go on overnight outings where I have a problem with the bathroom”.  I was so happy to return to my PWD equipped bathroom here.  Guess what?  Tomorrow the whole family are heading to Bataan to stay overnight in some fancy resort where you rent the whole house.  Mrs Horse, asked me today, if I really wanted to go?  I asked if I could be honest, she sweetly said “Yes”.  I just as sweetly said “No”.  Somehow, I am still going!  Of course I will fill you in on the details next week.

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