THAI FOOD – I love Thai food so I was excited to see that the new glass building next to the ABC Hotel housed the “Spice Road” Thai restaurant.  I could not get there for the opening but a couple of nights later I talked the wife into joining me for what we hoped would be a great food tasting.  The building structure is beautiful, inside and out, with it glass windows and great view.  I regret that that I will have to forego eating on the second floor.  I bet you are wondering if I thought the food was good and I would have to say what was available was delicious.  My regret is that only a limited menu was available.  I was told that more will be added as the cooks are further trained and I can understand that.  The lady in charge is a Filipina that did not undergo any formal training in Thailand but on each of her numerous trips there spent time observing and picking up tips on how to make various dishes.  I like the place and the location is convenient with off street parking.  I was pleased to be able to say hello to Gerard (ABC Hotel owner) who was enjoying a meal at a table across from me.

ITALIAN RESTAURANT – You guessed it, this old Horse likes Italian food too, that is why I always call Tony J’s when I get an urge for their great chicken Parmesan.  Another reason I like that restaurant is because they are one of the few places on Friendship that is not Korean.  Anyway, the place I am raving about today is on Malabanias Road.  It is owned by Dom, the very talkative Italian that has the Steakhouse in Hensonville.  This guy talks the talk, constantly and always claims he has the best steaks and ribs in town.  He is a first rate character and usually I only half listen to him.  I passed his little place many times, it is near NT Realty and you can see the cooks doing their thing from the street.  I waited a  long time before I finally ordered some food from him because there are so many places to get decent pizza and ribs I usually eat at the Envy Bistro near walking street.  But, last Mother’s Day, instead of eating out Mrs Horse (Vina) decided we would have the family at the “Stable” and treat everyone.  My thoughts were “here we go, pancit, lumpia, spaghetti again, and no way did I want to look forward to that”.  With that I thought, let me use this outdated menu that Dom dropped off months ago and order up some pizza and ribs.  I called 0915-179-3646 and gave my order to Dom himself and told him what time I wanted delivery.  I figured what the hell, they have to be better than what was on Vina’s menu.  Holy s–t was I surprised.  The pizzas and ribs were GREAT!  I was the hero of the day, no leftovers.  Advance now to yesterday;  I decided to check out the physical location and satisfy my hunger with a pizza.  I figured that at 15:30 hours the place would be empty.  Wrong!  It was packed with Filipinos and some Koreans.  I was lucky to get a seat because the place is small.  They were ordering plates of ribs and steaks and the wood fired oven was working at full blast.  Needless to say I was impressed and also ate too much.  Steak, ribs, pasta and a meatball sub are the menu items.  I was hoping to get a new take-out menu because mine was outdated but to my surprise he did not have any to give out.  Hey Dom, I liked your joint and your full use of the space available to you.  Nothing fancy, just down to earth and your food deserves a high five from me and all that check out the Cowboy Italian Restaurant.  Another # for take-out is 0915-327-9303, open from 11 AM to 10 PM.

BITCOIN – Hey there Mr Horse ,  (I promised Stephany I would post her info here and I like to keep my promises.  Plus, I appreciated her input.

I read your page here: jimmydhorse.com/category/political-rants/

It reminded me of this tool I found a few days ago that might be relevant to your users. It is a Bitcoin converter, and I think that – considering the news lately –  it is important to consider Bitcoins along with regular currencies.


I’m sure your users will find it as a nice addition to the traditional conversion tools, if you choose to share it with them!

Hope I helped back,

Note:  I do not own any bitcoins, too expensive now.  Last year when I tried to get on-board the site I tried to sign up but, was sent a notice that they do not deal with the Philippines.   I missed the boat!

BRIGETTE GABRIEL – I am a big fan of this lady.  She tells it like it is.  I am also a fan of ‘The Brit” but it appears he has run afoul of Facebook which loves to censor bloggers they disagree with.  One person I disagree with in all respects is Cathy Areu.  I have stayed away from my political rants but I am close to losing control again.  Anyone who thinks members of the MS-13 gang are not animals live in a dream world.  I now finish by saying “Go Yankees” and win 4 ASAP, Golden State.

BRITAIN – I am reading a lot about the problems being encountered by British subjects these days.  I could not resist passing on this very appropriate cartoon.

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One Euphoria – Check your bank accounts, get out your check books.  A new Condo high rise will rise near Fields Ave and by all appearances it looks like it will be one hell of a place to live. It is a 15 story building on Santos and goes back to Surla street.  It is just past Johnny street on Santos.  One and two bedroom units will be available and we think the price for a one bedroom will be around 6.7 million.  I have to thank my friend Mike Johnson for this info and he added that the space previously occupied by the Rajah short time hotel will become a parking lot.  Please check out One Euphoria, I did and was sure impressed.  I wonder if this is another project of Guy and Roselle, owners of the Central Park Tower?  This is another example of complete trust in the future of Angeles City and it is the same trust I have had for many years now.  Life here is exciting and I look forward to the euphoria I will feel when I first get to visit the completed One Euphoria condo complex.

VILLA HERMOSA – Readers will remember that I was not in favor of spending a weekend away from the comfort of my home and complained about an overnight trip my wife planned for the family.  I said I would provide a few details and I have to admit that the place we stayed was absolutely fantastic and very unusual.  I loved it, so much that last Saturday I closed up our bar and took the staff, along with family members, there for a one day outing.  How the hell can I explain adequately so you can feel complete wonder that I felt?  It is named Villa Hermosa, located in Sto. Cristo, Hermosa, Bataan, only a 45 minute drive on the SCTEX Super Highway.  On our weekend trip my wife reserved the entire property for P24,000 and it was completely private.  The house is a mansion that was originally owned by a British man and about 20 years ago bought by the well known Bataan Ramon family.  Once you enter the compound you see this beautiful mansion and impressive grounds.  The mansion has a Suite and 10 rooms as well as, get this, an indoor pool with Jacuzzi on the ground floor.  The suite is on the 2nd floor and has a balcony.  I was blown away even though I struggled to get to the second floor.  I loved it.  Now, the back area has a fantastic pool that is filled with natural mountain fed water 24/7.  It never stops running so you swim in a pool containing no chemicals at all.  It was amazing and I never figured out how this was accomplished.  Get thirst while swimming?  Just get to the end of the pool and drink from the water tube feeding the cold water into the pool.  One section of the pool is separate for the small kids and the children loved it.  There is also a very large function room and a smaller one which was not accessible to us.  In the house, as well as the suite, there are family and deluxe rooms. We had 24 family members and there was plenty of room.  The important thing is that when rented it is completely private.  You bring your own food and drink and swim all night if you want to but only until 10 PM in the indoor pool which no one used.  Before we left I decided to reserve the outdoor pool area for our staff annual outing.  I paid the deposit and returned to Villa Hermosa on Saturday and loved every minute we were there.  The staff brought their children and for sure the kids hated to get out of the pool.  Even I stayed in for quite a while and played with the kids and did my exercises.   Will I return next year – you better believe it!  You must reserve in advance so call Len at 09123965251 or (63) 47-491-4397.  Don’t tell my wife that I did kind of enjoy the overnight stay as I do not want it to become a habit.

SMILE MAKEOVER – I had my 3rd treatment for my root canal  and only one more appointment to go.  This time, Dr. Eilene did her normal great work and even the initial shot to my gum did not hurt at all.  The reason I mention this treatment as this was the first time I fell asleep in the chair while she was working on me and my mouth was full of equipment.  I had enough pain relief in me that I tried thinking of Hawaii and the music of Brother IZ in an attempt to move my mind elsewhere.  Three different times I knew I dozed off and later Dr. Irene confirmed my slumber as she heard me snore.  This was a first for me.  I was happy to see Dr. Tey when she dropped in to see me.  Another reason I am mentioning this here is because I would like to suggest that Doc Tey take her staff to Villa Hermosa the next time she plans a one day outing for staff and family.  For the one day reservation the charge was only P5,000.  I know she would really enjoy the visit.  Check it out Doc!

Finally, pictures displaying Villa Hermosa (with help from my brother in law).  L to R  your truly in dining room (not allowed to use), out door pool area, picture of owners (ex-congresswoman,), Staircase to second floor and nook for in-door garden, window view of 2nd floor balcony, indoor pool with jacuzzi, out door pool and last, front view of the Villa.


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JOSIE-HI BAR – Many of you will remember this bar under the name of Thi-Hi and also remember that it was my favorite place to go for a bit of fun.  I still go there once in a while but it has lost a bit of its style over the last couple of years.  Recently a long time customer came on board to help Josie (owner) with a bit of capitalization and suggestions for improvement.  It did not go as well as he hoped, in fact most of his time and money went into paying rent that was behind and utility bills.  He was able to bring on Ken (Mac), a popular, well known Australian to help manage and he was able to make some improvements that have increased sales.  But, problems persist and a further “house cleaning” is necessary to raise the customer base.  Recently, some new investors have shown an interest in taking the place over and have been checking the books in discussions with management.  A team of two, Bill and Conrad I know Tony the previous owner of  a bar that close down last year was the second person of interest.  This can be good news for the loyal customers of Josie-Hi who do not wish to see it close.  Whoever buys it, we can only hope that the stage and dancers will disappear, tables added and more nicely dressed GROs added.  The outside seating brought about by Ken has brought out a positive response.  The Josie-Hi Bar can, once again, be a success story.

THE RAJAH – Previously, I write about the Rajah Hotel being demolished; yesterday I had my driver take me by for a look and  it sure did bring back a lot of memories of the old days.  Yes, I was a “frequent user” of this drive-in establishment and for sure it was not very fancy, in fact it was in a constant state of deterioration but the price was right along with its convenient location.  Yes, I took a picture for my scrap book.

PICTURES:  Speaking of pictures, those of you that read my comments about Envy Bistro Sports Suites will notice that the picture of the waitress was added.  I did not do that!  My friend Chuck who helped me out with Harry the Horse has editing privileges and added the picture for me.  I was surprised to see it there the next day.

OVERNIGHT TRIP – During my recent trip to the US I found it difficult to be in a hotel room for 7 days and needed a lot of assistance from my wife.  Once again I asked her, “please, back in the PI do not make me go on overnight outings where I have a problem with the bathroom”.  I was so happy to return to my PWD equipped bathroom here.  Guess what?  Tomorrow the whole family are heading to Bataan to stay overnight in some fancy resort where you rent the whole house.  Mrs Horse, asked me today, if I really wanted to go?  I asked if I could be honest, she sweetly said “Yes”.  I just as sweetly said “No”.  Somehow, I am still going!  Of course I will fill you in on the details next week.

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ENVY – Dog darn it, I wanted to put a picture here of one of Envy’s waitresses and screwed it up.  I was able to get the picture inserted but could not figure out how to write around it.  I really need to get some help on this.  Oh well, for now just settle for words only.  Envy Bistro Sports Suites is the newest venture from the previous owners of Phillie’s Sports Grill now being run by “Joe”.  The owners took the 7 years of experience from Phillie’s and built a Sports Grill that is a big improvement over their last venture.  Within a short 3 months after opening Envy has already acquired a reputation of providing complete sports coverage on the many cameras placed throughout the establishment while also providing delicious menu items quickly at a reasonable price.  Imagine being able to enjoy a great early morning breakfast menu from 0600 to 1000 hrs for only P99.  It is located just in front of the entrance to the Fields Ave walking street.  You can enjoy seating inside or even in front to enjoy the natural air.  As the weather warms up and becomes a bit uncomfortable you can always enjoy the comfort of air-conditioning that was not possible when the owners were operating Phillie’s.  It was one improvement that they were determined to provide at Envy.  Oh, one other bit of news is that Envy will also be offering 7 rooms on the 4th and 5th floor at the back end of the Envy building opposite the Orchid Inn.
When I finally beat this picture problem sometime this year I will be providing pictures.  Man, I am just not all that computer literate.

RAJAH HOTEL  – This is info is for the old timers that would remember the two short time hotels located just off the street leading to Johnny’s store after turning left after the Wild Orchid  hotel.  They were well used convenient locations providing short visits for a very reasonable price.  One of the two, the Rajah is being torn down, a bit of AC history being eradicated, wiped off the map but not our memories.  So many memories and fewer and fewer people left to share those memories with.  I do not know, at this time what will rise at this location, all I do know is that every time I pass by, whatever stands in its place will always make me think of a long gone landmark.  One still stands, but for how long?

ANGELES CITY SWAGMAN HOTEL – Provides us with a strange tale.  It is closed now and has been for quite some time now.  From what I heard the owner abandoned it, just walked away from it but I hesitate to say that this story is factual.  All I know for sure is that it is closed and I was totally surprised when I learned about it.  I have been told is that the owner of the Patio is running the bar or at least trying to.  I will try to get my brother in law to drive me by there and take a look.  Recently a contractor who provides up to 3,000 meals a day to a call center on Clark has leased the kitchen so he can provide the meals that, previously, were prepared by contract to another restaurant.  The Swagman kitchen was the perfect solution to a big problem for him.  Naturally he had to spend a great deal of money on equipment to be operational but it was worth it.  Can you imagine that number of meals that have to be prepared, packaged up, loaded onto a van and delivered to the call center exactly on time at 0400, 1100, 1500, etc., 7 days a week.  At least, for now, there is still a bit of life at the Swagman.  I can’t help but think of past manager Remy, who worked there for years and was well liked.  Sadly, she passed away from cancer while working there.  She loved her job and the many loyal customers of the hotel loved her.  Remy, you remain a pleasant memory to all who knew you.

Time for bed folks, sure does feel good to chat with you.  I plan to do it more often.  I sure do appreciate those who have taken the time to subscribe and patiently wait for me to get off my ass and write.  By the way, I am going through another root canal torture at Smile Makeover under the gentle hands of Doctor Irene.  Let me take this time to wish Doctor Rhoda a quick recovery from a recent medical procedure she underwent.  This is another great dentist at Smile.  Regardless, I HATE root canal treatments regardless of how sweet and gentle the dentist but a bit of tenderness does help.  At SMILE they are always kind to this old horse and Dr. Tey, along with her mother blessed me with their presence at my 80th birthday party in Feb.  Remember, one and all, be kind to horses.  Good night.  

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Harry the Horse Archives

Years ago I started writing about Angeles City through a newsletter titled Harry the Horse.  I had many readers over the years.  Some of you might want to look through some of the history.  Give this a try.


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TRAGIC:  This morning I found out that the foreign manager of Gentlemen’s Club, Perry, was shot early AM as he was leaving work.  From what I learned from various sources is that two male Filipinos riding tandem on a motorcycle stopped and demanded money from him, when Perry refused to cooperate one of them shot him.  He was left lying in the street.  The latest news is that he was transported to Ona hospital and is still alive.  Pictures of him lying in the street have been circulated via social media.  This is a terrible act of violence and the sad thing is that I would be very surprised if the police did more than a cursory investigation.  As I receive more info I will update here and I certainly hope Perry survives.  At the time of the morning he left work that area of Perimeter road is dark and deserted.

US VISIT:  A week ago I returned from a quick visit to the US (Ft. Jackson, South Carolina) to attend the graduation of my son Jason from Army basic training.  It has been years since I was in a location that cold.  My wife and I were frozen, during the two day ceremony I shook so hard from the cold that my teeth hurt.  All went well, the family day and graduation  ceremony were wonderful to watch despite the cold and proud Mom, Vina was so happy to see “her baby” again.
We flew out of Clark on Emirates, business class and we were very happy with the great service and comfort.  We were 23 flying hours to our destination and when adding in layovers you better believe it was a long trip.  I used wheelchair service all the way and it seems to me that the distances from plane to gate in these terminals are getting longer and longer.  If I had to walk we would have missed our flights.  One pleasure that we had was not having to make the trip to and from NAIA Manila for our flight and believe me, even if we have to take a longer route to get to our destination we will always try to use Clark for our air travel.

It is time for bed now so I have to sign off but will be adding more comments soon.  Yeah, I have thoughts floating around in this old head of mine.  Remember, be kind to horses and the Emirates personnel certainly treated this old horse with kindness.

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I realize that is a strange title but I am sorry that I have taken so long to add words to this blog of mine.  Please forgive me.  I do not have a decent excuse other than lack of energy and at times quite busy.  I want to thank those that have subscribed to this site and I have filed away all your Email addresses, thanks for your patience.

At this time though I would like to mention two good friends that have passed away recently.  One, Joe Nelson was a man I knew for years, retired Air Force and a Mason.  He died suddenly in Feb after an illness that drove him to Medical City.  Joe enjoyed playing pool and at one time, a long time ago, played on my pool team.  He was a gentleman.


Just a few moments ago I received information that another friend “Fish” passed away in California.  Let me post his obituary:

U.S. Veteran

Charles W. Fisherman passed away Sunday, March 11th,  2018 after a short but acute illness. He was a Husband, Father, Grandfather, Great Grandfather and a Vietnam Veteran.  He was always a very happy and cheerful man that carried a warm smile.

Charles (aka “Fishcat”, aka “Listo”, aka “Fish”) was born in Cogdell, Clinch County, Georgia, on November 5th, 1930. Charles was raised in southern Florida where he excelled in sports. He graduated from Dorsey High School in 1951. He attended Lincoln University in Missouri and worked his way through college as a Pullman Porter on the Pennsylvania Railroad in the early 1950’s. He joined the US Air Force in 1954, after originally being drafted by the US Army, and worked as an Air Policeman. On his 2nd assignment at Clark AFB Philippines, he met his wife, Irene Pineda, and they married after a formal courting process. Charles and Irene had 6 children, traveled all over the world as Charles served a 24-year career in the USAF. Most of his Air Force career, he was stationed at Clark where he played and coached various USAF sports teams.  He excelled in football and track  and consistently made the Air Force team. While in the Air Force in the late 50’s, he qualified for the Olympics in track but had to withdraw due to a leg injury.  Charles completed two tours of duty in Vietnam surviving the 1968 Tet offensive at Tan Son Nhut AFB where he was wounded and narrowly escaped with his life. Charles was a decorated veteran and proud of his service to the country. After his retirement from the Air Force, Charles worked as a government employee at Clark AFB with merchandise control for the Base Exchange and Commissary and would take frequent space available flights around the world. During this time, Charles completed his college education obtaining a Master of Science in Physical Education from the University of the Philippines.

Charles never forgot a birthday, holiday, or an occasion for his family.  He always showered his family with gifts whenever he could.  He was a great story teller and often spoke of his travel and experiences to anyone that would listen. He enjoyed going to the gym and was in incredible physical shape most of his life.  He ate healthy and never drank or smoked.  Charles had a love for cars which was generated from a childhood experience when he saw a 1920’s style Rolls Royce. He was so taken that he had 3 cars designed and manufactured while in the Philippines. He was known to “literally” travel the world searching for car parts. He could often be seen driving around Vacaville in his white Rolls Royce-like custom car he referred to as “Lucille”.

Charles lived most of his life between the Philippines and California.  After his wife’s death, he visited his children and grandchildren often sharing lots of stories and giving them advice on life.  During his later years, he read his bible daily.  His presence will be truly missed especially during the holidays when he cooked greens and baked his banana pudding and pound cake for the family.

Charles Fisherman was predeceased by his wife, Irene Fisherman and brother, Gerald Fisherman. He is survived by his children and their spouses: Yolanda and Andre Santana, Suzette and Victor Humphrey, Agnes Fisherman, Charles “Kenny” and Nicole Fisherman, Jessica and Darek Ochtera, Irene J Fisherman.  Grandchildren: Charles J Santana, Andre L Santana, Victoria Humphrey, Marsha Wainwright, Mark C Wainwright, Cameron Fisherman, Elijah Fisherman. Great Grandson Charles K Evans. His sister and brother in-law Dorothy & Roschell Franklin.  Sister in-law Ruth Fisherman and a host of other in-laws, nieces and nephews.

A viewing will take place on Sunday March 18th from 12:00-3:00 pm at Vaca Hills Chapel 524 Elmira Rd, Vacaville, CA 95687. Services will take place at St Joseph’s Church, Monday March 19th at 10:00 AM at St Joseph’s Catholic Church, 1791 Marshall Rd, Vacaville, CA 95687.

Fish was one of a kind.  He was always very fit, happy and proud of his family.  I met him at the Clark AB Gym when the USAF was here and he was amazing.  He loved traveling space A and when I would meet him he would regale me with stories of his travels to Germany, England and whatever other points on the map that  he could get “Hops” to.  He was so proud of the custom car he had built here in Angeles City shipped to the States.  He was 8 years older than me and physically, looked 25 years younger.  I am sure, in heaven, he is already traveling the world and is probably peeking into the Space Station.  I am so proud to have known this man.

On 25 Feb I celebrated my 80th birthday and enjoyed the company of my family and many friends.  My sister flew in from Florida and my son Jimmy flew in from Arizona.  Regretfully, my son Jason was enjoying a bit of Army basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina.  Tomorrow, Sunday, Vina and I will fly out of Clark on Emirates Air line to attend his graduation from basic training on 22 Mar.  After graduation he will be heading to school to learn the plumbing trade.

ENVY SPORTS BISTRO SUITES – located at the entrance to walking street is the newest place for those who love sports and good food at affordable prices.  The four owners who gave you 7 years of service at Phillie’s Sports Grill have taken their experience to bring you a superior dining experience and an excellent venue for viewing sports of your choice at a high degree of comfort.  They have only been open one month but already have been declared as the place to go for great food, great service and great viewing pleasure.  In the near future they will also be offering 7 furnished suites at the same prime location.

Not too long ago I read in the Sun Star paper that officials of Porac, a town adjoining Angeles City, have been confiscating and destroying modified noisy mufflers from motorcycle users.  The use of improvised mufflers is a violation of the Republic Act (RA) No. 4136 or the Land Transportation and traffic code of the Philippines which makes me wonder why we have to suffer from the noise forced on us by these motorcycles.  I commend Porac Mayor Condralito “Carling” B. Dela Cruz and board member Fritzie David-Dizon.  My question now is why can’t Mayor Ed Pamintuan do the same for Angeles City?

PONDEROSA HOTEL: The Ponderosa Hotel (new name “Hotel Fenson”) has had a make-over since a new owner (British National) has taken over.  Before there were a number of owners now it is under single ownership.  I  have been told that the swimming pool area has had a complete upgrade and I am looking forward to taking a look see.  Will do that when I get back from my trip.  I want to meet the new owner.

SWAGMAN – The Swagman has been a mainstay in this town for many years.  Remember the old wet shirt contests, a great picture taking event.  Anyway, I have heard that the Hotel is closed but there is someone that is keeping the bar area up and running.  Another place I have to look at.  In the old days I would drive there myself but I can no longer drive or walk that well so I have to depend on my brother in law to help me, another reason I have not been so active in writing.  I am determined to change all that (I hope).

JOSIE-HI – AKA Thi-Hi has brought on board an Australian manager, Ken, to try and breathe some new life into the place.  It has never been the same since the American owner passes away.  Josie has been doing her best but finances have been a bit hard to come by.  Anyway, Ken was able to erect a cover for the frontage and place some tables and chairs so that now the 3 bars (Honey-Ko’s and Hang-out) all have outside seating.  The interior of Josie-Hi, I believe, remains the same.  The problem is getting the girls to show up for work every day.  It remains my favorite neighborhood bar and I have high hopes that Ken will be able to brighten the place up a bit.  I do not get there as much as I used to and I sort of miss

EATING OUT – A friend of mine treated me and Vina to dinner recently and took us to a new Japanese restaurant, Namari, located at the Saver’s Mall building on MacArthur Hi-way.  I had not been to Saver’s for a long time and I was absolutely amazed at the change.  I could not believe my eyes as drove into the parking area in the back of the building.  The restaurant was on the 1st floor and as we entered the entrance way I wondered if I was in the right place.  The restaurant was to the left and to the right was another restaurant under construction, darn, forgot the name.  Namari featured a long table with a right angle that had cooks standing behind ready to cook the food in front of you, like Beni-Hana’s only without the fancy show.  There are two sittings that you have to reserve in advance, 6 to 8 and 8 to 10 PM.  We sat for the 8 PM session and the chef started right away preparing the food and serving it up one item at a time.  This went on for the whole 2 hours because to my surprise, once the selections had been consumed he asked up what seconds we wanted as it was not 10 PM yet.  Naturally I asked for the pieces of tenderloin and a second dessert.  It was a wonderful experience and I think I would like a repeat evening but the price at P888 per head is a bit steep but considering the menu, especially the tenderloin maybe not so bad.

I was surprised to see that a Best Western Hotel has been installed on the 3rd floor.  I have known the Uy brothers for years, back when they started with a small store across the street from Johnny’s.  That is when you could see Jack or Alan behind the counter chatting with customers.  This newly renovated building is a monument to their success which took a lot of hard work.

AQUA PARK – There is a newly opened water park on Clark which has generated a lot of excitement. This definitely has to be on your “got to visit” bucket list when you visit Angeles City.  The kids or your favorite lady will really appreciate the treat.  I have not seen it yet but my friend Dave Crowe has checked it out and given it high marks.  Beware though, the entry prices are not cheap.  A full day with food, drinks, tickets, etc., could set you back a fair amount of pesos.  But the love and joy in the eyes of the kids and your lady will be reward enough (I think).

I still have lots of thoughts running through my head but it is getting late.  I wanted to write a few lines before I hopped on the plane tomorrow.  If the trip does not kill me I will rest up a bit when I get back and write some more words.  One thing I have to mention is that it certainly has been peaceful in AC with no bar raids, killings, shake-downs, etc.  The tri-cycle drivers are not happy with the appearance of “Grab Cars” but the Expats and tourists love them.  The fares are fair and you do not have to negotiate.  Ride in comfort instead of squeezing into a tri-cycle where the driver charges double what he is allowed to charge by regulation.

Along the Perimeter fence you should stop and look at the enormous parking garage that is under construction.  This is part of the ongoing commercialization of certain areas of Clark under CDC control.  Every month new plans are revealed and the biggest plan is for the Clark Green City which I am not sure I will be around to see its completion much less the beginning of construction.  It is so exciting.  OK
Jimmy D (Harry the Horse), give it a rest, I have a plane to catch.








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NFL Sponsor ?

I happen to be one of those Veterans that takes strong objection to these NFL characters who wish to disrespect the flag and I did not hesitate to call the listed 800 number to voice my opinion.  I love those Anheiser Busch ads but why add money to help pay protesters.  Let the owners add more of their own money.

Anheiser Busch is taking calls about whether it should pull their sponsorship of NFL football. They are upset about the way certain NFL players and teams want to show their lack of respect for our National Anthem, our Flag, and our Country. Anheiser Busch employs 1100 veterans who are also being disrespected along with all other veterans living and dead. These NFL players are uniformed, paid employees of the owners teams and have no right to publicly express their personal political opinions on company time. They can do whatever they want on their own time.

You know how big a sponsor Budweiser is. Their decision, based on this public opinion, could make a tremendous impact on what the NFL does.

I just called Budweiser’s special number 1-800-342-5283 and when they answered touched option 1 and gave my opinion and it all took less than a minute. Whether or not you vote, please rush this email on to all patriotic Americans and sports fans. Thank you.  (Sent to me by Tom Schlesinger)

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If you ever decide to vacation in Mexico and stay at a fancy resort when you order drinks it would be advisable to have the bartender or waiter take a sip of the drink first!  Why?  Read the following:

Nearly a year since a Wisconsin woman died at a Mexican resort after she became the State Department and Office of the Inspector General on Monday to conduct additional investigations into Mexican resorts serving bootleg alcohol.

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wisc., the chairman of the Senate Committee on Homeland severely ill from drinking what is believed to be tainted liquor, officials are calling on Security and Governmental Affairs, sent the letter to Inspector General Steve Linick urging investigators to examine how the State Department “monitors, records and reports overseas incidents involving physical abuse or death after the potential consumption of tainted alcohol,” the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

The call came after Wisconsin college student Abbey Conner, 20, died on a family vacation at Iberostar Paraiso del Mar, just north of Playa del Carmen, in January. Conner and her brother were drinking tequila, believed to be tainted, at the resort’s swim-up bar when they became ill. She was found unconscious in the pool and died in the hospital several days later. Her brother, who was also found unconscious next to her, survived the horrific ordeal.


In early September, a Missouri woman also said she was hospitalized after taking two shots of tequila at an all-inclusive Playa del Carmen resort that caused her to collapse.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel received more than 100 travelers’ accounts of experiencing similar events — drinking a minuscule amount of alcohol and blacking out or becoming violently ill moments later. Some people reported being robbed and raped because they were unconscious. Johnson and Sen. Tammy Baldwin, D-Wisc., have been pressing the State Department for more action and answers following Conner’s death.


The number of reported incidents prompted the State Department to issue a warning to American tourists staying at the resorts. However, some senators, including Edward Markey, D-Mass., say the State Department is downplaying the risks of ingesting the potentially fatal liquid.

Mexican authorities have taken some action. Regulators raided 31 hot spots in Cancun and Playa del Carmen and seized 10,000 gallons of tainted alcohol from a manufacturing company in early August following Conner’s death.


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